First log and first day, heyooooo testify+erase pro and staples

  1. First log and first day, heyooooo testify+erase pro and staples

    Hey everyone, first time stack first time log. I am going to try to be very detailed as I think that keeping meticulous track of things will only enhance my overall experience with these products and hopefully help anyone who reads it. Ok, let's get started.

    Me- 23 years old( almost 24) , 5'11, 190lbs, little bit of a belly( pretty much the only fat on me is in the midsection ) . On and off lifting experience about 7 years. Was a baseball player up until around age 21 so lifting took some breaks in lieu of pitching related training and the seasons . As of now I have been consistently in the gym for almost a year, tried several different programs including a 2 month crossfit stint which I found to be fantastic. I would definitely appreciate feedback on everything I post here, because thats how you learn right? Here are the important stats

    1rpm bench= 235
    1rpm squat- 305
    1rpm deadlift- 400

    Anabeta 4 caps per day ( will ask questions later about dosing to 6 caps ED and extending cycle to 6-8 weeks)
    test powder 2 scoops per day ( it says 6 days a week so i am going with it for now.
    erase pro- 1 cap in morning with meal
    beta alanine- 3 caps, (2250mg) pre workout
    alcar - 1g pre workout
    creatine and extend as needed pre workout
    multi vitamin and fish oil ED

    Diet- my diet is pretty clean, no junk food and almost no alcohol. not a lot of wasted calories. Generally I aim for about 3000 calories with at least 250-275 grams of protein, and anything above that is just dependent upon appetite

    Workout routine: As of now I am following a WSB template. I will post individual workouts and please critique as necessary. For a basic overview, I have a MT THF routine, with a dynamic and max effort bench day, and a dynamic effort squat/dl and max effort dl/squat day. Volume is higher /intensity lower for supplementary stuff on ME days and intensity higher/volume lower on DE days.

    Goal- Strength and size. Enough said.

    For now I only have enough anabeta and erase pro for a month, but am definitely looking to extend it depending upon what kind of feedback I receive here. I can purchase another bottle and continue to run it with something else after erase pro/TP are done, or continue the exact stack. Please let me know what you guys think!

  2. Day 1 11/6/2012 DE BENCH DAY

    Bench. 8 x 3 120lbs 60 seconds rest
    3 x6 190 close grip bench
    1x8 35lbs overhead single dumbell tricep
    4 x 5 70lbs dumbells military press
    3x10 190lb row machine two hands

    Decent pump, great endurance/quick recovery , good strength /
    Diet- pasta cottage , yogurt, chicken dumpligns, 2 weight gainer scoops, 1 weight gainer scoop, 2 eggs cheese, salmon salad, cauliflower potatoes, 2 scoops , turkey sandwhich, 1 scoop, 3 eggs , 1 scoop , 1 deli wrap, 1 scoop. estimated calories-3600

    Day 2 11 7 2012 ME squat
    3 140 3 185 3 230 3 250 3 280 2 300 ( bad form second rep) 1 300 1 300 form for squat ok
    Sldl 3x10 160 , moving too fast and stick ass out more flex lower back
    1x10 95lb hammy machine
    3x10 35lbs hyperextensions,
    3x10 ab roller ,

    so far so good. pretty good recovery between sets and body fatigue thus far has been extremely minimal. no doms this morning after day one
    pretty optimistic thus far. Good sleep, quite hungry so far so we shall see! Any thoughts on anything thus far? Thanks!

  3. decent stack, good luck
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