TesTren with MMv3 Project Domination

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  1. My new avy is a recent pic...im glad I didn't lose any muscle during this time off from the gym!

    You guys like ma boobz? Nice upper boobz huh?
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  2. I almost died laughing when I saw this...

    Oatmeal, low fat diets, and crossfit.....all the same right!? LOL...ill pass on all 3! -TheHardOne
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  3. Lol nice!
    Nothing I say constitutes medical advice. Please check with your medical professional before starting any diet or exercise program.

  4. Updates*

    -New log starting soon (will post link in here when its up...lots of Pics that one will have! Me and my mistresses! hehe)

    -PH17 full review coming soon

    -Trained some quads today (haven't trained them hard in about 6 weeks)
    CNS Warm up - Jump Squats / other bodyweight exercises until heart rate ramped up / muscles slightly pumped / mindset feels arrogant and competitive(important!)
    *Leg EXtensions (deadstop every rep) 5 sets
    *Squats (smith machine, deep, slight inside shoulder width stance, feet pointing straight) 5 sets
    *Leg Extensions until I could extend my knee anymore via tremendous amount of lactic acid 5 sets
    *Stepmill for 5 mins .....every 20 seconds, increase the level, as the level increases the deep the steps are....ouch.
    *Single Leg Leg Press 3 sets
    *No more than a minute of rest between sets, didn't go crazy heavy, made each set last atleast 40 seconds.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TheHardOne View Post
    Getting to know Bane
    -By TheHardOne

    1)Who is he?

    -Super Alpha Male

    2)Bane's Mask

    -Bane uses a mysterious drug called Venom, it increases his physical strength, healing process to superhuman levels. He needs to take it every 12 hours via a system of tubes pumped directly into his brain.

    3)What is exactly this Venom? Its a mixture of various compounds.....what are they? (This is called the "Dominating Stack") *1-AD, Tren mimicker, GH enhancer, Fatty acid burner + High Calories + intense workouts daily = DOMINANCE

    -1 Androstenolone


    -GHenerate + I-gh-1 (remember 1-2 months on, 6-10 weeks off on L-dopa!)


    -10,000 Calories

    4)How does he keep his "Mind Clear" while in combat? How does he stay focused? How does he dominate while he is in combat? (Here is Bane's "Immortality Stack")

    -He uses 5-6 sprays of GHenerate pre combat, 3 caps of I-gh-1 (remember 1 month on, 6-10 weeks off on L-dopa!)

    -1 serving of EPIC pre workout

    -Not to mention to enhance GH and IGF-1 to accelerate the growth process even greater!

    5)How does Bane Recover?

    -Well...his Venom!
    -But he does take in 10,000 calories every 12 hours, from whole eggs, beef, fish, dairy, various nuts, oils, potatoes, rice.
    -His diet is HIGH PROTEIN, HIGH CARBS, HIGH FAT! None of this sissy low fat moderate carbs lose muscle diets.

    6)How does Bane train?
    -HIIT with bodyweight exercises, twice a day, every day.
    -When he is in the weight room, he basically uses Christian Thibadeu's iBodybuilder high frequency protocol.

    Want to dominate life? Or let 365 days go by every year? Choice is yours.

    Do what is necessary, remind yourself there is no time for fear, and live your life the way you DREAMED it to be.
    Great info... Love the pictures...

    I gotta get me some of that VENOM!



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