Mkretz puts a spin on AI's DAA!!!

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  1. I recommend doing your research. Coming off trt for a long time, it takes a long time to recover back to normal

    daa works at 3 grams a day
    a serm (nolva, clomid torm) works
    testopro helps with free testosterone I think
    a certain grade of longjack boosts test-you would have to do more research on this
    an ai boosts test

    pick your options

    nice squats. Keep up the good work your putting in Marty
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  2. thanks john!....well im gonna be on clomid for another 15 days thn we will get it checked again and I will keep taking DAA

  3. today was back and hams.....went to a different gym wher ei knew they had some different machines i wanted to try out for glutes and hams.....unfortunately they also like to yell at you for making noise when doing deadlifts....schmuks

    my lower back was bothing me to begin with so i did a couple exttra sets of deads with lighter weights and really controlling the negative so i didnt get kicked out


    RDL - again took it a little lighter cuz of my back but these actually felt ok on my back

    205x7 drop 155x12

    then i tried out something different, instead of barbell rows i did prone DB rows laying on an incline bench, got some good contractions, did 4 sets with a drop set on the last one felt good.

    next i found a plate loaded machine thatalmost did the same thing i just did but i grabbed the handles for a neutral grip, this gave me some strong contracctions in my back.....again 4 sets 12-15 first 2 sets 10-12 second 2 sets with a drop on the last set.

    rev grip pulldowns

    100x10 drop 70x25! ...really strogn contractions, had a killer pump in my back after that, and that doesn't happen too much for me so i was stoked!

    Hammer strength high pull down/row

    160x8+7 or so cheated reps, drop 110 drop 90

    standing cable row (with a close grip handle) -really focusing on contrations, felt really good, 3 sets with a drop on the last one

    1 leg ham curl machine!.....havent used one of these in years, this was the main reason i came to this gym lol

    4 sets with a drop on the last one

    2nd reason i came to this gym- butt machine lol again, 4 sets with a drop

    lastly i did seated leg curls supersetted with DB RDLs 3 sets with a drop

  4. Mon 5/14 - quads,bis

    squat - with 2.5 plates under heels for better hip drive, def.makes it harder i think, it keeps my hips under me and from sticking my butt out all are below parallel

    215x 6 short rest, 2
    225 RP to 10 3,3,2,2
    155x10 drop 135 x 17

    leg ext. (pre exhaust for the rest of the w/o)

    140x13 drop 100 x 10
    140x12 drop 10 x 100 drop 85x15

    Hoist machine leg press

    18x12 drop 14 x10 12x17 - intensity was crazy on this, legs wer eon fire, between these and the ext before....i liek to use the machien for teh quick drops and safer than the weight leg press

    close stance smith squat, with feet pretty close under me for more quad involvement

    215x9 drop 185x10 drop 165x15

    sissy squats


    supersetted with hack squat

    20x12 drop 0 x 25 - quads were so fried lol

    1 leg ext 3 sets jsut squeezing hte muscle for detail.

    barbell rev. preacher curl ( facing hte other way on a preacher)

    50x6+1 bad rep
    50x5 + 5 cheat reps drop 30x15

    machine preacher
    70x10+2 drop 55 x 15

    incline curl

    15x8 drop 10x12
    15x7 with sum alt. arms then drop 10 x 12 with sum alt.

  5. I know the feelign when gyms make a splash when you grunt and yell while training intense.

    your are pretty dang strong on them deads my man, are you taking in a protein with 35-50 grams protein 5-6 x's a day depending on carbs?

    when carbs are high you can take in a less protein in my opinion, carbs spare muscle and halt catabolism
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  6. I saw TestoPRO mentioned above. It helps with free and total test. Daft has been getting bloods done for years and had some while using TestoPRO. I want to say that his total test went from the 400s to the 700s.

    EDIT: Here's the vid with his feedback about the bloods:

    Dafts 12 week AI Testopro log(sponsored)
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  7. only thing ismybody is making like no test......think it woudl still help?.........and john I do IF right nwo cuz it jsut fits my swchedule better,i dont have to cook all my meals i can jsut come home and cook and relax and eat later on in the day...take in anywhere from 250-300 g protein, carbs varyfrom 300-400 ( mostlyveggies on off days, maybe like 100 g total cincluding veggies) and then fats fill in teh rest to equal out to 3600 cals so bsically jsut carbs and fatsrelaly moveprotein is pretty steady,pretty high but caloriesgottacomefrom somewhere i guess

  8. chest/shoulders - tris were a little sore going into the workout, no idea why....also i did a pretty hard ab workout about 3 days ago (first tiem i really focused on abs in a while) and not till today but my abs are killin me, likin it, jsut dont knwo why it took so long to feel it lol.....anyways, because my tris were sore, i decided to pre fatitigue my chest and hsoulders before their respective parts of the workout.

    started the workout with heavy compound for strength

    bench 4 sets 6-8 working up to 145 then a burn out set of 115x14 drop 95x these in teh power rack so i can fail....i miss having apartner on chest days for force reps, its been too long

    standing overhead press- 4 sets 6-8 85 lbs strict last set double drop 65,45

    lncline cable fly 3 sets 12-15 with drop on last 2. (pre exhaust)

    incline smith barbell...decided to go heavier jsut to be differe,t normallt do 10-15 but stuck around 8 for 4 sets with a drop on the last set

    dips - 4 sets of bodyweight, very slow negatives

    incline hammer strength, 3 sets last was a drop

    stretch flys (DB flys to a full stretch with a litle bounce in the strethc position) then twisted pinkies together at the top.

    supersetted with dB pull overs 45lbsx12x3 sets

    lateral raises, strict 3 sets with 15's 10-15 reps and one not too strict set startin with 20s dropiing 15, 10, rest pausing to 15 reps at each weight

    smtih high pulls, 4 sets, 10-15, last was a double drop - 115, 85, 65

    DB presses 4 sets witha drop at the end

    heavy shrugs - not greeat form at all but i for some reason feels it more when i use bad form, dunno why, did one burn out set with strict form tough with jsut 135 burned alot after everythign else

    rev high pull smithth machine.....really good contraction of hte traps with this...... love this one!

  9. also, a littel update on my situation, doc has me on another 15 days of clomid, 50mgs, hopeing somethin happens this time........

  10. couple days off...firt tiem i havent lifted in a while for 2 day...well id id to a very quick bi workout on aturday jut liek 6 sets or so, but got alot of cardio in lately riding my bike all oer town (literally) plus working...very buy, keeping cals around 2900-3000 on these 2 days...back to 3600 cal tomorow though ...also will go higher carb since these last two days all carbs have been from veggies and dairy

  11. amazing back ham workout yeterday.......focus xt had me in the zone for sure i was there for aw hile but didnt loe focus the whoel time, which is somethin i tend to do if im there to long, esp. when training fasted ( i do IF).

    I was able to increase weights on all lifts pretty much and pulled 325 for 3 solid reps on DL afteer sets of 225,245,265,275,295, 305 x 5 o that felt good, also my RDLs were up , got 215 for 6 solid reps after 175,185,195,205 x 8

    then did a few hammer rows and low cable row

    For hams i was able to do a one leg leg curl standing which is awsome, also hit a glute machine, wide stance smith squats, and then seated curls.

  12. todays workout was a little bit of a different story, started off feeling great did band benching and band CG , I think the bands may have fried my CNS or somethin becuase the rest of the workout had me lacking mental focus...... Tomorrow will be jut ab and calves..... I also have been doing ALOT of bike riding lately, saves gas, weather i beautiful so y not. I jut hope im not losing any weight, havent eighed myself in a while, I am still eating 3600 cal though so hopefully im doin ok, gotta rememeber to weigh in

  13. Good work bro. Keep it up

  14. any updates Marty?

    did you get lab results back again?
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  15. do to see the doc on monday...... i dont really feel any diferent though so im not expecting anythign different :-( but who knows!

  16. test was in the 220s so thats good, well beter than its back on clomid for a month now to see what that does, hopefully it continues to improve

  17. Quote Originally Posted by mkretz View Post
    test was in the 220s so thats good, well beter than its back on clomid for a month now to see what that does, hopefully it continues to improve
    hopefully, my friend itll keep climbing

    glad to hear it has improved.
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