Hunting PR's in the gym with ********. A review.

  1. Hunting PR's in the gym with ********. A review.

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    Well I decided that Fl3x is a cool enough guy, and I've seen enough of the Beast line around that I wanted to try ********, I knew I was going to be out of town and that I'd have to pack light. In doing so I wanted to cut down as much space as possible and thought that a pill based PWO would be perfect, so I placed an order for ********. On receiving it I took out 40 pills and put them in a pill carrier that I was taking with me. I went into it expecting something along the lines of an average PWO and what I got surprised me.

    Taste: It's a pill, you don't really taste it. For giggles tonight I decided for this review I would open one of the pills and taste it.. Let me just say this. You are better off leaving them in pill form.

    Focus: Start off on what is probably the weakest part of ********. The focus I got from it was felt, but not a driving focus. I don't think these pills are really designed with a focus & or nootropic effects as much as energy.

    Energy: It was up there, it was a bend the barbell into two type of energy. I hit several PR's while on ******** over the course of the week. Was very impressed. Especially since I am doing what I can to drop off body fat.

    Strength: This going back to the energy. I had a defiant noticeable strength increase. Was very happy with my performance in the gym and that helped make up for the last of driving focus.

    Pump: For a PWO this has been hands down one of the best pumps I've gotten from a PWO. Simply amazing how full the muscles felt and the energy they had in the gym.

    Price: This is a minor downfall in my opinion as I was using 6 pills but people could use up to 10 pills a setting. This would make you blast through the bottle pretty fast. The convenience on the other hand is very nice. There is worst things you could spend a couple extra bucks on.

    Closing: I am glad I made the dive and bought ********. It's a solid product and if you are looking for a pill based PWO you can't go wrong with ********. It's a solid PWO that gives you great energy and pumps in the gym. It will have a spot in my supplement cabinet.

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  2. Very nice, I appreciate your review bro!
    Let me know how things are going when your bottle is almost empty too.
    And congrats on the pr's!

    The price is kind of steep, but it can be found somewhat cheaper on google, and also if you like Beast on facebook you will see the welcome tab on the left, click that for 20% an order

    Thanks again for your honest review. I know you told me you bought this bottle yourself so it's not a "smoke up the ass" review, very cool!
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

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