1. suppress-C

    I am trying out a new suppliment called suppress C its a advanced cortisol control agent. I so far am not sure if its helping at all. I started it about a week ago. But I also started a new diet and changing my workout up a bit. Ill keep you all posted. It does give a nice rush for about 15 mintues after application which is SWEET.

  2. Give'm hell!! Will be very interesting to see your results. . you'll want to taper off weeks 5 and 6 bring the dosing down to 50ml and or one pump to allow your lvls to adjust. . have you noticed any leaning effects? vascularity changes?
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  3. not really but i think with the diet change..uping the intensity at the gym..its just alot of change all in im waiting for week 3 to really determine how and if it maybe helping me.

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