CEL"S PCT is Helping Me For Contest Prep (Sponsored)

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    WHOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAA!! Well ya'll I'm back at it again!!! I wanted to give a big up to ZACH with supporting me with this current adventure and I won't be lettin ya down big man!!!! Well I want to say that i'm currently Maintaining BMI and won't be cutting weight yet but in two weeks i need to go back to my nutritionist to see if i'm on pace right ya dig!!! Well some things that i Hope to get with P.C.T. ASSIST:

    Increased Libido
    Muscle Density
    Increased Aggresion
    Slight Increase in Appetite

    I do believe that with CEL's PCT Assist it will happen. . I will say that Libido Check might be a common thing in this particular thread Also i will be following the dosing scheme as labeled on the back of the bottle. . 3 pills 8hrs apart which for me means 1 dosing right when i wake up!!! and than once b4 bed!!!! I do believe this will maximize anabolism and I'm very open to n e suggestions!!! WHOOOOAAA AWAY WE GO BABY!!!

    Day 1 - Jan. 10th

    I started My PCT last night because i was soooo Anxious and i will say this. . .I'm in tune with my body now a days and I positive my libido jump 5 points haha last night. . .i was scimming the internet and i found myself wanting to search for hahaha

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    N e ways My Dreams that i had last night also reflected ^^^ haha soo i will say that i've already noticed something!! hahah doing an arm work out so we'll see how she goes!!! thats all she wrote and catch ya on the flip side
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  2. I see whats going on in here... and I like!!! In!!
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    I see whats going on in here... and I like!!! In!!
    MY MAN!!!! WOOOOT WOOOOOT COME ON IIIIINNN BRUTHA!!! time to kill it!!!!
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  4. Joining the funride my man

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  5. Im in this thread...but no offense id rather be in that girl u posted...
    DISCLAIMER: Anything that I post on this forum should not be taken as medical advice. Consult your doctor before starting new diets, supplements, training protocols, and/or if you have any concerns about your health.

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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Aaelael View Post
    I love this guy hahahaha
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  8. SubAAAA!!!
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  9. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    I love this guy hahahaha

    Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    WHATS GOOD JUDGEMENT. . hows your pct going hahaa
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  10. geez, im in just for the hot chicks!
    ava cowan is a sure fire keeper!!!

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  11. No PCT for me just a kick ass stack
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    No PCT for me just a kick ass stack
    i should freeze some sperm and than join ya. fuck pct lol
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  13. Talking

    Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    i should freeze some sperm and than join ya. fuck pct lol
    hahah well I don't know about you but I love my twins and they love me haha soo lil TLC is always in order!!!! WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!
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  14. Talking Day 1

    WHOA!! Thats all i can say is whoa!!!! I won't lie but Todays work out felt wonderful!!! i was in and all up in the zone haha!!!! ya dig!!! i can already feel the libido raising hahah its insane but muscle pumps felt wonderful!!! The new styling of lifting im doing is a powerlifting/bb style not sure what its called but just blasting particular body parts with many reps heavy weights haha n e help with teh styling would be appreciated haha here we go baby!!!

    PCT ASSIST - 3 caps - 7:15am this morning
    Fish Oil - 2 caps - 3grams 7:15am - for my wrist!! helps sooo much!!!

    Arms/lil abs

    Ez Bar Curls
    45 x 10 75 x 10 105 x 6 105 x 6>75 x 5 105 x 5>65 x 6

    Comment: WHOA I love drop sets!!! HARD WORK THESE BASTARDS ARE!!! hahah its incredible what happens with these!!! big fan!!!

    BB Trap Raises
    135 x 10 135 x 10 225 x 10 315 x 5 315 x 5>225 x 6>135 x 8

    Incline Dumbel Raises
    35 x 8 35 x 8 35 x 7 35 x 6

    Tricep Kickbacks
    15 x 15 15 x 15 20 x 10 20 x 8

    haha thats all i had time for. . .I would have done preacher curls to really blast my biceps but since i work out mainly through out my work day its very hard to get every exercise i would like but we make do with what we have!!! ooooo yaaa!!!! hahah n e way!!

    Appetite - N/A To early to tell from this product yet - still high from the current hgh product that i used but if it sustains then we know she's workin

    Muscle Density - N/A
    Pumps - N/A
    Vascularity - 9/10 - either way i'm getting more veiny everyday!!! i do know that this product did help with some increases!!! Muhaha

    Libido - 9/10 - all i can say is that i'm already looking for cuddy buddy!!! hah
    Overal Feeling - N/A - I'm very optimistic and so i would say 10/10 but its to early to tell with this product for basically n e thing besides libido haha!!! maybe placebo but i don't think soo. . . woooooooooo hoooooooo!!!
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  15. Subbed. Rip it up bro.

  16. Get some man! I have been wondering how CEL's PCT compares to AI's PCS. I'll be watching this one.

  17. Subbed for your progress ...and more pics

  18. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Subbed for your progress ...and more pics
    some are up in his album
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  19. Looking forward to seeing your progess.

  20. Lookin good!
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  21. hahaha, i would have dropped something else and did the preachers-love how they pump my arms.

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  22. I am in this biatch!!!!! Liking the workout man. Drop sets are my favorite way to bump up intensity. Tear this ish up Bro!
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  23. Exclamation Day 2 + 3

    ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Snap into a Slim Jim!!! hahaha well everybody i've been out for a day and know i'm back haha!!! had some family shizzle to takecare of and all is well!!! muhahaha!!!! Are you READY TO ROOOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Time to lift big thangs MANG!!! PUMP IT UP!!! hahah well enought of all that noise. . . I've been in teh zone for some time now but its still to early to go and lift haha!!! lemme hit ya with a quick update then i have ta get back to work ya dig!!!

    Dosing Feb. 11th

    CEL P.C.T. ASSIST - 3 caps - 7:15am
    - 3 caps - 400pm

    Comment: Nothing special ya know just following protocol on the bottle haha I'm upon for n e suggestions!!!

    It was my day off and all i can say is that the new routine's that i have been doin have been paying off!!! I have noticed some slight size increases all around!!! I hope and i'm sure that i will see some muscle density increases and slight mass increases with the CEL PCT!!! haah!! pretty darn nice when your recompin lil by lil!!! I've increased my water intake from 1.3 gals to 1.75-2gals a day and i will say that with adding 2 cups of coffee through out my day i have been noticing i go to the bathroom on both ends more often hahah

    Appetite - 8/10 - slight increase
    Muscle Density - N/A - too early to tell yet
    Libido - 9/10 - the real deal BOY!!!
    Taste - 7/10 - i don't take sups for the taste but its like pork/steak/ and patatoes hahah its crazy.

    Aggression - 8/10 i can feel it raising muhahah
    Vascularity - 7/10 - getting better with each day!
    Overall Feeling - 8/10 - still so early its hard to tell with these types of things but with an increase in libido already this is a very good sign!!! muhaha!!! Say yes to CEL PRODUCTS BABY!!!

    Day 3 - Feb. 12th
    Real Fast its going to be a Dead Lift Day with Yates attached in there!! thats all i will be doing sooo its a back mass day with increasing of lat size!!! I'm very conscience of my lat and want them BIGGER BABY!!! Muhaha. . that and my mind muscle connection isn't very good with my lats soo ill be going for 415 for 5/6 and then pyramiding down!! WOOOO HOOO!!! that the goal!! going to be a fun ride!!! Wish me luck and you'll be hearing from me a touch lata!!!


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