On the Natadrol (sponsored)

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  1. On the Natadrol (sponsored)

    The package just arrived- two 90 count Natadrol bottles and one T-911 (the updated formula).

    Thanks to everyone at LG Sciences for putting me down!!

    So the plan is to take 6 caps per day of Natadrol for 30 days, followed up with T-911 for around 30 days. I'll take the Natadrol however LG wants me to dose it; ie- 3 caps twice per day, 2 caps 3 times per day, or like 6 caps once a day. (should I take the caps with like fish oil or Bioperine???)

    Lifting Style: For the next 30 days I am planning on just doing an upper/lower split. Lifting for two days, maybe have a cardio if I feel like it or an off day, and then it is back to business. I have taken the last four days off so I'll be good to go either tomorrow if things work out right or Monday for sure.

    Diet: I plan on eating as much and as often as I can. Sweets, fast food, and any microwaved meals are not an option for me. Meats, veggies, beans, oatmeal, Ezekiel bread, fruit, peanut butter, and protein powders are all main stays in my diet. I will try to be as detailed as possible with my diet for you guys!!

    Goals: Right now I am weighing in at 205. After 30 days on Natadrol I hope to be atleast 210. With my very active job and all of the running around that I do I think this will be tough, but hopefully w/ Natadrol and a lot of food I can get there. I do not have any stregth goals as of now, but I will notify you of PR's as they are broken (which will hopefully happen often)

    Other supps used: Just the basics: multi, lots of fish oil, sesamin oil, extra vit c, d, and beta carotene, & digestive enzymes. Whey/casein protein powder and dextrose for post workout nutrition. I will probably just drink some luecine and gms preworkout. I do have assistance supps that I can take if LG thinks it is a good idea.

    I plan on taking some before pics tomorrow if I can, I should be able to though. I will also take some before measurements!!

    LG wants me to pay special attention to the following attributes and I will attempt to be as detailed about this as possible:
    Mood, Strenght, Weight, Enudrance, Agression, Sides, Libido, & Concerns

    Everyone please feel free to chime in and give me encouragement or just bash me- whichever lol

  2. thanks for the pictures man Look forward to seeing the results, need Eric to comment on dosing

  3. welcome bro- yep ill just take three tomorrow morning

  4. subbed for sure... I dont know much about Natadrol so I'll be watching this log closely to learn more about it! Good luck on this run Jay I have a feeling you will like it!

  5. The first question I have is how come it say Vesta Pharmaceuticals on the label?
    I thought this was an LG made product!

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  7. What's a Natadrol? Like a herbadrol? I gotta go to sleepadrol....

  8. subed
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  9. In on this to see how it works for you. Good luck bro

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    The first question I have is how come it say Vesta Pharmaceuticals on the label?
    I thought this was an LG made product!
    Idk? I am kind of confused too

    Quote Originally Posted by strategicmove View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by Tansui View Post

    Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    In on this to see how it works for you. Good luck bro
    Thanks fellas!

  11. I am in! Lets see what this stuff can do!
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  12. Woo Hoo, in for the ride boss!!

  13. subbage
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  14. along 4 the ride

  15. sub-sational...
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  16. I'm in to see how this treats you.

  17. in this shiz!
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Delta Force View Post
    The first question I have is how come it say Vesta Pharmaceuticals on the label?
    I thought this was an LG made product!
    Just a guess Vesta may be contracted to process the LG ingredient profile and or cap. Many companies do these they come up with the product and a 3rd party company makes it

    but again this is just a guess on my part

  19. Sub Sizzeld!

  20. subbed

  21. Yes, all companies (except the really big) have their stuff made for them, we use them to do some of our test capsules (I am not filling them myself). We formulate, buy the raw materials and they put it into capsules.

  22. if they are just capping how come they get to put their name on the label? is that b/c you have not put one together? from the pic above I got the impression this was a VP supp!
  23. Day 1!!


    I had to wake up early and go to work. Before I left I ate a 1/2 cup of oatmeal w/ 1 scoop of chocolate whey mixed in with a banana and a few strawberries. I then took my first two caps of Natadrol with 5g of fish oil.Once I arrived at work I ate two breakfast burritos w/ eggs, potatoes, and bacon. They were pretty good but I needed some salsa lol. I was only at work for awhile since nobody was really on the course today (it looked like it was about to rain all day). Then when I got home I went to lift.

    The Session:

    Squats - 205 x 5, 245 x 5, 265 x 5, 285 x 5,4 305 x 2,2

    DB Lunges - 35 x 12,12,12 supset w/
    Standing BB Calf Raise - 205 x 15,15,13

    Post Workout:

    Today I had about 30 grams of whey & 30 grams of dextrose. I followed this up w/ some greek yogurt and one of my girls banana nut odwala bars (these are freakin tasty). Then for my meal I ate a can of tuna w/ 2 pieces of Ezkiel bread w/ honey. This is also when I took my second dose of Natadrol, this time again with 5g of fish oil.

    My workout was very rushed and it only lasted for about 25 mins. My quads were toast on the heavy sets of squats, and the lunges that I did I reached out as far as I could step out. I wanted to get some stiff leg deads in and some sissy squats but I just didn't have the time.

    Other Stuff:

    After my small meal I had a two hour drive which sucked. I only had two chicken sandwhichs from a pretty good/clean place called Becks Prime on the way. Right now I am waiting on dinner which will be my largest meal of the day, so far it is going to be salmon, wheat pasta, peas, fresh cornbread, and greens. I'm going to fill myself up until I can no longer move, literally lol. At this time I will take my last dose of Natadrol for the day. Tomorrow I may go running and I might do some plyo stuff too if my legs aren't too sore.

    Nothing to report on the Natadrol though.


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