GREASEFIRE!!! - Burning Down Resolve with Napalm and Lipoderm-Ultra

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  1. I'm here a bit late, but I'm subbed.

    So many great emoticons, but I luv's me some izza:
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  2. Always wondered about Napalm...I'm in

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Well, aren't things lively around here?

    Napalm: You know the deal by now - twice a day, 3pumps after a shower. It seems to be making the skin to which it is applied somewhat more heat-sensitive. It was about 80 degrees here in SoCal today, and even with a shirt on, I was extremely aware of the "Napalm'd" area; it felt hotter than the rest of me.

    Meals, because I like food and don't want to starve: French Onion Soup with extra grilled onions, Swiss Cheese and shaved Top Sirloin! Also picked up some chili makings and avocados, which I use to make one of my favorite salad dressings.
    Visited my in-laws today and had a spinach grilled-chicken salad with ranch dressing made with yogurt and cottage cheese of all things, and it was quite good.

    Had a great time over there; BW is the oldest of 7 children and the rest all live at home, so visiting is quite a lot of fun for me, as I get to play the big brother to all of them. I played Call of Duty with the older boys and then wrestled and played trucks with the younger kids.
    The youngest is 18mo and just learning to talk, but his favorite word is "Butt." He just walks up to people, pinches a cheek and yells it. I was cracking up.

    You stink!!!
    It was -15 today. It hurt to go outside.
  4. Day 5

    Quote Originally Posted by mrchristian View Post
    You stink!!!
    It was -15 today. It hurt to go outside.
    -15?! Where do you live?

    And to all you newcomers

    Today was a high carb day, my only in the week. That simply means a 25% increase in CHO in any meal that contains them. For instance, breakfast usually contains about 50g, but today I had approx 63g. The increase in calories is just to help prevent my body from adapting to any given caloric amount and restore hormone levels that may have down-regulated over the week of being on a deficit, albeit a slight one.

    Also, I am feeling AMAZINGLY better after tonight's workout! Honestly, I am feeling 100% better than I did this morning. I always feel good after my night sessions, but geez, this is certainly a precedent.

    Part of my NP order arrived today. Dsade, you should be happy to know that among it there was a bottle of DCP, which I plan to run after finishing this log. We'll see if I can make it that long without busting into it.
    As for the other items that arrived, I'll be giving a full update on my supplementation tomorrow.

    Napalm: Same protocol. Noticed slight irritation around my navel, probably due to shaving the area this morning immediately prior to my first application. I continue to be able to "feel" the Napalm on me, similar to sensation that Vix Vaporub produces when applied to the chest and neck - scent is even slight similar, though lacking in the eucalyptol, of course. Must be the alcohol in the carrier.

    AM Workout: Squats!!! :Woohoo:

    Squats: 345
    Supinated Cable Rows: 285 w/3sec ecc

    5x5 Dips: BW+105
    5x7 Unilateral Leg Ext.: 120 w/4sec ecc

    Hammer Preacher Curls: 60lb DBs
    DB Flies: 60lb DBs

    This was tough - I wasn't feeling well; I had no energy and just wanted to go back to sleep honestly. But when I intend to lift, I lift, and it takes more than fatigue to keep me from hittin' it hard. I pushed myself and despite my lack of vim, I was pleased. Squats were great, I hit ATG on practically every rep; there were a couple that only made it to parallel, but they were in the first two sets, when I was less warmed up.
    Rows are getting easier and easier; I don't know what I'm gonna do once I move up to 300lb, that's the whole stack! Start doing BB Rows on a bench, I suppose, to increase my range of motion to be comparable to the cable.
    Dips were hard, but the other 3movements were great, definitely will be increasing weight there.

    PM Workout: All Supersets 4x12

    Single Leg Squats a la AZMIDLYF: 20lb DBs
    Decline Cable Press: 110lb Per Arm

    DB Pullovers: 115lb DB
    Donkey Calf Raises: 335 w/5sec Ecc

    Unilateral Cable Preacher Curls: 60, 70, 70, 70 w/3sec Ecc
    Cable Skull Crushers: 100 w/3sec Ecc

    Um...BW is singing a song about pizza right now... and kind of scaring me. Anyways, DB pullovers required a bit of psyching up, but I found myself more than able for every other lift, which is encouraging as each movement was increased in weight by an average of 10lbs.
    Also, the last superset of Curls/Skull was turned into a triple dropset with mid-range partials. It's the last workout of the week, I thought I go out with a bang!

    Meals of Note: Low-Carb, Cauliflower Crust Pizza topped with Mushroom, Bell Pepper and Lean Turkey Sausage. Oh man, it's like a cheat it's so good. I believe I've posted the recipe somewhere on here... I'll put it up again if anyone is interested.
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  5. That pizza sounds delicious! Seriously I'm fixin to cut cals and I would love to know the recipe!

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  6. Way to finish the week strong R. I want to know the pizza song. Look forward to your use of DCP. I have been curious about it for awhile now.
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  7. AZ - your Avatar is great! That skit is hilarious and Jim Carrey is ridiculously creepy in it.

    Here's the pizza recipe.
    1/2 head of steamed Cauliflower, Grated
    1 1/4 C Shredded Part-Skim or Fat-Free Mozzarella Cheese
    1 Egg
    1/2 C Tomato Sauce
    Toppings of Choice

    Steam the Cauliflower, allow to cool, then grate it into a medium-sized mixing bowl.
    Preheat Oven to 450 degrees.

    To the bowl of Cauliflower, add the egg and about half of the shredded cheese.
    Mix and knead this "dough" by hand until thoroughly blended.
    On a well-sprayed cookie sheet (this recipe won't work for a deep-dish pizza), spread the dough until it is approximately 1/4-1/2inch thick, with a slightly thicker crust around the edges.
    Bake the crust for 20mins at 450degrees or until top is somewhat browned and feels firm to the touch.
    Remove from oven, cover crust with tomato sauce, basil, oregano, thyme, the remaining cheese and desired toppings (our favorites are thinly sliced onions, tomatoes, whole basil leaves and turkey kielbasa).
    Set oven to Broil on High. Broil pizza for 3-5mins or until the toppings are cooked
    Depending on your oven, it may take a little playing with the cooking times and amount of cheese you use to get this one perfect; but this recipe is a real treat when you get it right! We enjoy on average once a week.

    The pizza song? Well, that was BW goofing off, so it was something like, "Pizza is my friend, and I'm not gonna share, 'cuz you're a big hairy man." She's real encouraging like that.
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  8. Avoid the navel for the next couple of days. Once in a while the Napalm can cause a slight skin reaction which, if left alone, clears and has never returned.

    Also might want to pick up a good moisturizer.
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  9. Thanks for the recipe resolve! I must spread more before showin more love...

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  10. I like Pizza! And you are hairy...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Avoid the navel for the next couple of days. Once in a while the Napalm can cause a slight skin reaction which, if left alone, clears and has never returned.

    Also might want to pick up a good moisturizer.
    Will do. Got some BoBu - ought to fit the bill perfectly.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bravoboy View Post
    Thanks for the recipe resolve! I must spread more before showin more love...
    No prob, bro. Glad I could help.
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  12. Supplementation Changes and Update

    With the arrival of most of my NP order, I can finally implement the supplementation I had planned for this log fully.

    Forskolin is increased from 90mg per day to 120mg; starting today, in 30mg doses

    EGCG will remain the same: 700mg twice daily

    5g Leucine will be added to Meals 1, 3, 4 and 6. I have read about this protocol several times and, knowing the efficacy of BCAAs taken throughout the day, thought this would be worth trying.

    My Pre/Intra-Workout Shakes will contain 4:1:1 BCAAs rather than 2:1:1. They will also be the only shakes that contain CHO (Post-Wo will simply be ~50g Whey Isolate). This is Dsade's idea, and having thought it over; it makes a lot of sense. Insulin will already be high from the intra-workout shake, protein synthesis will already have been ellicited as well, so no further spike should be necessary and only more protein needed to continue fueling recovery. Thanks Dsade!

    Also, to those shakes I will be adding GlycerGrow, so that my Pre/Intra Nutrition now looks like:

    5 Neovar
    90g CHO
    1scoop Purple Wraath
    3scoops GlycerGrow
    1scoop Essentials
    15g EAA
    25g 4:1:1 BCAA
    3g VitC

    5 Neovar
    1scoop Assault
    3scoops GlycerGrow
    1scoop Essentials
    20g EAA
    25g 4:1:1 BCAA
    3g VitC
    120g CHO

    I also have the DCP, which I will be running at 8-10 per day, but don't plan on starting that yet; unless you all think it would make a suitable addition to this log.

    Pre-Bed I will continue using Bullet Proof on training days, and ZMA on off days.
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  13. R, you have the 90g cho in the PM. Typo?
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  14. Oh man that pizza recipe sounds so delicious. Gotta try that 'cause like I said before I luv's me some pizza and being able to have it more often will be a real treat.

    Regarding the DCP, why not throw it in and see where it takes you? I have 2 bottles myself that I'm itchin' to crack open, but am waiting until the right time (which will be about 5-6 weeks from now )

  15. The DCP works great with napalm...helping to both speed mobilization and elimination through burning, while the napalm will direct the majority of the release from abdominal area.

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  16. Quote Originally Posted by AZMIDLYF View Post
    R, you have the 90g cho in the PM. Typo?
    Thank you yes, I'll actually be using ~120g in the PM. That session is higher volume than the AM session, so theoretically it should require more CHO.

    I'm sure the DCP will stack well with the Napalm; I'd been wanting to run both simultaneously, but thought it might cloud my results. However, we have kind of gone over that same thing with the Forsk. and EGCG.

    Tell ya what, if it's cool with Avant, I'll start it Monday.
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  17. Days 6 & 7

    Last night (Day 6), I went to a friend's wedding party. He got married New Year's Eve, but it was in Iowa, so a bunch of his pals out here in Ca didn't get to attend. Well last night we made up for it, and got to meet his new bride as well.

    He's a PhD candidate in Mathematics and, well, she's a perfect match for him, that's for sure. I swear, their kids someday are gonna be named Schrodinger and Fibonacci.

    Anyways, I was there until pretty late and so wasn't able to update.

    Today, nothing much is happening. I'll get some cardio in a little later on, but otherwise relax and ready myself for the coming week.

    Napalm: Yesterday's second application was much later than usual - about 11pm. I went to bed shortly thereafter, but slept on my back, with my stomach uncovered, so as not to rub the Napalm off.
    Today's first application was shortly ago, after my morning shower. Irritation has ceased, and definition appears somewhat improved; whether this is a drop in water or fat though remains to be determined.

    I am continuing to ponder the validity of my new peri-workout nutrition, specifically the amount of carbs. I based this off of the volume of each workout, i.e. higher volume = more CHO, but I'm wondering if my amounts are excessive for my current recomp goals.
    Any input or opinions on this?
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  18. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Yeah, the ranch was really good. I still gotta get around to making my avocado dressing, that's even better:

    1 peeled and pitted avocado
    1/4 of a lime
    A sprig of Cilatro
    1/2 clove of Garlic (either raw or sauteed)
    2Tbsp Heavy Whipping Cream or Half and Half
    Dash of Water

    Blend it all together and add water until it gets to your desired consistency. It's awesome - like a quacamole cream sauce!

    Bravo!! I just made that avacado salad dressing for a nice grilled chicken salad with some walnuts and a few sprinkles of blue cheese. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

  19. Glad you liked it man! It's one of my faves
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  20. Feed me more ideas!!!!
    Ughhhhhhhh, I just got done shoveling snow off my driveway for the past 2 hours. Im sure that didn't help me get over this bug that I've somehow come down with. I think I may have picked up something from the gym on Thursday.

    It's been one thing after another lately!!!
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  21. Ha! Well, I'll keep 'em coming as I think of 'em...
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by Irish Cannon View Post
    Was wondering where you been!
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Was wondering where you been!
    Didn't even know you had this log going until Volcom mentioned it.

  24. No worries bro, glad you made it over.
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  25. Well gentlemen all this talk about recipes! I made a crawfish pie today with some deer meat in it! Talk about awesome! Veggies-venison- crawfish! The pie crust was legit! I'm gonna yet the dip for the super bowl MC!

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  26. That is awesome! Unfortunately I do not have easy access to venison as I don't hunt, I've also never had any experience cooking crawfish. That sounds like quite the interesting concoction.

  27. Crawfish pie w/venison? How very unconventional - yet it sounds delicious. Your taste in food tends to have what appears a Cajun bend, Bravo; are you from Louisiana by chance?

    A couple of quick updates for everbody:

    Waist: Still 39"
    Weight: 246 first thing this morning; and my weight fluctuates by up to 5lb everyday, so this is normal
    Suprailiac Skinfold: ~10mm; I thought I would measure this as a way to track more specifically the fat-loss on my abs. My skill is such that in no way would I attempt to judge my BF% from it, but merely use it to monitor the adiposity of that one region.
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  28. Subbed.
    Thinking of trying Napalm on my lower chest.
  29. Day 8

    Welcome Lonewolf.

    I'm now into my second week of Napalm - where did that week go?

    There are about 4 guys I see routinely at the gym that are more muscular than I. They are not "bigger" than me as I am several inches taller and obviously heavier, but in ratio to me, they have more muscle, and their workouts are nothing but high volume. I lift more than all of them on every lift I've ever seen them do, but they perform way more reps than I, albeit at lower weight. I've always trained for strength and size, but I beginning to feel like my size is lagging behind my strength. In result, I'm considering making my next routine (for after this log) rather high volume and somewhat reduce the intensity. I'll post the routine once I have it assembled.

    Napalm: I'm finding it doesn't wash off the hands very readily, takes a bit more effort to suds up the hand with Napalm on it. Not a problem, just an observation. Having used Napalm once before, I knew coming into this that a clean and warm application site seems most effective, and so far, this continues to hold true. The longer I let the shower spray my abdomen, it seems, the more apparent the sensations from Napalm. The sensation does not necessarily indicate efficacy, but it certainly isn't hindering anything.

    AM Workout: Strength and Functional Hypertrophy Supersets

    Deads: 465
    Smith-Machine Push-Press: 245

    6x3 Weighted Chins: BW+105
    3x8 Leg Curls: 220 w/4sec Ecc

    Lateral Raises: 40
    Reverse Cable Curls: 150 w/3sec Ecc

    I didn't want to use the Smith Machine, it doesn't work my shoulders nearly as well and requires a lot more weight, but both the Squat racks were being used. I loved those deads, though - 465 is PR and a 10lb increase!
    Also, I'm digging the GlycerGrow - I was getting a full on Pump in my quads (yeah, quads!) from the first superset, and my biceps were burning once I finished those Chin-ups.
    I'm making good progress in my lateral raises too: I increased by one rep over last week and am beginning to accentuate the negative more. Progress!

    PM: Hypertrophy Supersets, All 3x14

    Jump Step-Ups: BW
    Arnold Press: 60lb DBs

    Wide-Grip Lat-pulls: 240
    Seated Calf-Raises: 180 w/5sec at Stretch Point

    Rope Tricep Extensions: 150 w/4sec Ecc
    DB Curls: 50, 55, 65 lb DBs

    I was getting some funny looks from people launching myself off a bench with those step-ups, but my glutes were telling I was doing something right. Arnold Presses are up 2reps over last week. Lat-Pulls were tough, but my back is in shambles after this mornings session, so that's really to be expected.
    What shocked me was my DB curls: 50lb felt like nothing, so I just kept upping the weight! And there was no pain in the hand that has been causing me trouble - a big plus! I'm apprehensive still about BB Curls, but I'm recuperating and getting stronger too.

    Meals of Note: I ate nothing exciting today. Chicken with a little yogurt ranch dressing over the top, top sirloin, eggs over easy, nothing creative today. Sorry.
    I did order 20lb of ATW Cinnamon Bun WPI, though! Went through AM's own Marcus and was treated like a freaking VIP.
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