BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER: Snag's Recipe for a [NATURAL] Recomp, Competition Style!

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  1. BIGGER, FASTER, STRONGER: Snag's Recipe for a [NATURAL] Recomp, Competition Style!

    "People think they can look like me if they take a pill.. c'mon, you gotta be smarter than that." - Christian Boeving (former supplement company spokesman) in 'Bigger, Stronger, Faster'

    Hmm. How depressing is that statement. You mean to tell me I can't really look like this guy if I just pound the Hydroxycut? Alas, my illusions have been shattered..

    Not knocking Boeving here, he's an acomplished fella, great physique, and looks like a decent dude. What I do have a beef with is the climate of the suppplement industry, the misleading by certain companies, the false advertising and claims that run rampant in our society. And as for the film 'Bigger, Stronger, Faster' - I actually liked it, and honestly it did change my opinions somewhat on steroid use in America. There seemed to be an underlying message tho: not the ethics/morals involved in whether to use/not use, but the fact that a great number of people claim to get 'x' results utilizing 'y' protocol.. all the while keeping the 'z' factor quiet or even denying its' existence. That's always bothered me.

    So.. I need to be 'smarter than that' as Boeving says.. Well then let's get scientific as hell, bring some parameters into play - training/nutrition/supplementation - that can be identified for what they are, and create a schematic that can be duplicated by anyone, with no 'z-factor' hidden in the background clouding the results. That is is my goal for this log. I want to see how smart I can be!

  2. The Current Climate of Things

    This log will be like a slowly developing storm {the BIGGER} that hopefully, by it's conclusion, will be wreaking some havoc with serious gale-force {the FASTER} winds of demolishing {the STRONGER} destruction!

    (also, I wanted to tweak the title of the thread a bit so as not to infringe on copyright issues..)

    Here's the situation physically at the current time: Partly cloudy with a chance of rain.. I will be coming back from the double-whammy of some knee/tendon issues that have been recurring the last few months, but now seem to be subsided; as well as a stomach virus that knocked my ass down for 3 days last week (during 2 of which I could eat practically nothing), lingered into the weekend and is now gone - but dropped 10 lbs. of bodyweight off me. Weight upon rising this morning was 186 (ugggh), down from my off-season bulking peak of 207 just 6 short weeks ago.. first time I've been sick in over 3 years, so I guess I can't complain.

    The joint issues I've been experiencing on & off are always eliminated (for me) by mega-dosing SuperCissusRx; this time is no different. I'm currently dosing 2 caps, 10 minutes prior to every meal (so 6x daily). I will eventually drop this to 1 cap prior to every meal, and then to maintenance levels. I should mention this is not a sponsored log; I'm a USP athlete, so of course my base will always be some of these products. That's just a given. All the other supps I have purchased myself (even additional quantities of SuperCissus, which I need to run at my preferred dosage) -- altho I do have to add that I've got a source that allows me to get ridiculous deals on these items, which makes it very attractive to me to try some new things.

    Other supps in the mix:

    Jacked (3 scoops prior to training)
    Prime (3 caps @ 3x daily)
    Recreate (2 caps prior to w/o, 1 mid-afternoon, going to 2 eventually)
    PowerFULL (3 caps prior to training, 3 caps @ bedtime, SAT & SUN off)
    AP & Pslin (either one of these with virtually every meal)
    SuperCissusRx (format listed above)

    Plasmavol (2 TBS prior to training, stacked w/ Jacked)
    *This is a new item for me; the whole Mannitol/Glycerol thing intrigues me.

    Anabolic Switch (3 scoops immediately following training)
    NO2 Black (4 tabs upon rising, 4 tabs mid-day)

    Diesel Nutrition:
    Diesel Test Hardcore (1 tab 3x daily to start, increasing to 2 tabs 3x daily)
    *This is a new item for me, excited to see the synergy this produces when combined with Prime!

    Beverly International:
    Super Pak (w/ breakfast)
    Ultra Size (one of THE best protein complexes in the world imo)
    Ultra 40 Liver Tabs (a staple for me; 4 tabs/meal)


    Optimum Nutrition
    NitroCore 24

    And some staples..
    Udo's Oil
    Fish Oil

    1000mg addt'l vit C
    400 iu vit E

    thinking of possibly adding Posiedon.. but I'm not decisive here

    I had originally planned to outline the diet to a T here, but decided against this, reason being: #1) since I'm front-loading the program with heavy carbs to fill back up, and will be declining from there, this will be a constantly changing parameter; and #2) because of #1, I will have more flexibility at the beginning to utilize quite a bit of different food sources at the beginning, so no two days will be the same. However, suffice it to say that starting off, I'll be consuming anywhere from 3200-3500 cals daily, spread over 6 meals, with a C/P/F macro breakdown of 50/30/20. So on my higher cal days, I'll be consuming @450g carbs, 275g protein, 60g fat from food & dietary oils.. I'll make notations along the way as this changes. I'll also hi-lite certain meals, maybe throw some recipes out, and I'm sure I'll roll out a few pictorials of my delicacies!

    After mulling this over, I've decided to go with my standard comp training style, utilizing a 3-day split, with the first 3 days heavier with 90-120 second rests; the next 3 days will utilize some different exercises and be more timing-focused, rest periods being 45-75 seconds. As this evolves, I'll add some supersets, trisets, and some double-doubles toward the end of the program, shaving the rest periods down, getting the finishing touches on my slicing & dicing. There will not be much cardio in this schematic - I intend to do the majority of the work thru dietary manipulation. I am not a big fan of cardio..

  3. These are the horrible pics I'm scared to post. I wasn't kidding when I said that virus knocked my ass out. The good thing is, now that I'm functioning normally again there will be rapid progress. So the first goal is to fill out again with higher carb days at the front of the program, keeping things clean tho, and then shift things around to promote some slicing.
    I seem to have weathered the virus storm better in my legs better than my upper body, which is quite surprising to me.
    In any event, we got some work to do.. (and not to worry - I'll lose the gorilla body hair sometime soon so you can get an accurate reading of progress. I usually shave every New Year anyway - sort of an 'out with the old, in with the new' psychological thing with me.)
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  4. You know I'm in!

  5. Sub-a-dub-a-ding-dong!! I'm hammer-deep up in dis beeyatch!!

    I have pen and paper handy.....and WILL be taking notes!!!

    "Ye are gods, and all of you are children of the most High."

  6. Hell yeah! In!

    Damn, I'm pumped! Haven't seen a Snaggle log in a long ass time.

  7. Snaggin' any tips I can with this one...gettin' ripped legally!!
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  8. Interesting...

  9. Awesome!
    I've been wondering when the Swollen One was going to run another log.

  10. Finally, another Snag log.

  11. Thanks for the link bro. I'm thinking about breaking my natural rules when my elbow gets better, that personal decision will be made. IM in none the less . APR50 50 % off
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  12. Im in on dis $hit mayne!!! :bb3:

  13. im in snagg's!
    board supporter

  14. Snag Priest at it again! Move sh2t brosef! See what I did there mixed bro and joseph in to one word.
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  15. You better believe I'm in on this one... I may not compete this year or ever again but will keep my fingers on the pulse. I am sure I will pick up some usefull tips even if I don't ever compete again.

    That's the beauty of this sport you never stop learning, or you shouldn't.
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  16. i am in for this one
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  17. Wow, what an awesome collection of talent rolling into this thread.. I feel like I'm on the field with the N.Y. Yankees or something - an All-Star in every post!

    Welcome to the fray one & all! I'm hoping to have some feedback and opinions from all you guys, feel free to share. If you see an area you think I could do better in, don't be bashful. Remember, I'm trying to 'get smarter than that' here..

    And maybe I can pass on a trick or two as well. Bottom line, let's have some fun, get motivated & intense, and burn some shit up in [email protected][email protected]!

  18. Snag, I am looking forward to hearing/seeing and learning from you, man. Your training and diet tips will be very beneficial for us all.

  19. Gracios Lungz.. all right, Thundergod tells me he's bringing the unbuttered, salt-free popcorn to the theatre, I'm sure you'll bring the ladies with you (as you always do bro ).. I'll fix up a few main course dishes along the way.. let's get this party cracking!

  20. Subbed, this looks like a log thats out of the ordinary, and anything to do with scientific, im all ears, this should be great, good idea snags, cant wait to see how this turns out, Russian

  21. Subscribed.
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  22. Great intro there Snag. I like the liver tabs idea; I was thinking about picking them up at $11/500, the price jump made me hold back but I think it might go in with my Christmas gift.

    Just covering the basics, but do you take any additional Vitamin C, CoQ10, Vit D etc? I think your mega-dosing of cissus should help with cortisol control, but I've picked up some Endoamp (PP's Phosphatidylserine mix) and will be using that; also considering some TD 7-keto if I can find the bulk powder; was just 7-OH available for a while.

    Interested to hear how you will be dosing the Leucine; there has been alot of fascinating research done in this is the past few years. Glad to hear you're feeling better; the stress of school/exams got me sick TWICE during the end Nov/early Dec, after a sick-free year+.

  23. subbed

  24. Your supplement stack looks pretty official man... I think we talked about Nitrocore before - I really like the profile of that ON blend. Taste is PRETTY good too for the Chocolate one that I had - Monster Milk is also great, just not nearly as economical.

    Supercissus is just gravy. I wish I could run that perpetually - but it is semi-cost prohibitive at the dose I like (2 caps @ first and last meals)... I just go pick up more when my shoulder gets to an annoying level of pain.

  25. IN ! And DAMN, you're back with a vengeance !!!
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