Steroids along with "male enhancement" product?

  1. Steroids along with "male enhancement" product?

    Quick question for everyone....

    I am currently on a Test E + Boldenone + D-Bol cycle (running the Test 12 weeks, Boldenone 10-12 weeks, and D-Bol for 6 weeks)...

    I am quite sexually "active" but wanted to get your ideas as to whether or not certain "male-enhancement" products are "ok" to take with such a cycle...

    I used to have some Aspire36 (AWESOME STUFF) when/if i needed a little boost. Problem with that was, i could NEVER bust on it.

    I have heard of others taking viagra or cialis and others have taken "enzyte" (which is suppose to "enhance" you...)

    Not sure what the difference is in each of these products.. aside from the active ingredients in the scripts (i.e. cialis and viagra) and the "propriatary herbal blend" that is in enzyte....

    If anyone has any experience with using gear AND taking any of the above (aside from Aspire36, cuz i've used that myself...) PLEASE PLEASE advise....

    I have a few lady friends who i am likely going to be having sex with, and would like to perform appropriately! I've noticed that being on my Test/Boldenone/D-Bol cyce, that my libido and erections are either RAGING... or quite the opposite!

    Again, i would greatly appreciate anyone's input! Thanks again!


  2. Make sure your fat intake is adequate, as well as your minerals (zinc, copper, magnesium).
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    Make sure your fat intake is adequate, as well as your minerals (zinc, copper, magnesium).

    Thanks for the tip! I am consuming a decent amount of fat... though i need to get my EFA's back up to where they used to be! I take GNC's Ultra Mega Men Sport as my multi... i spread out as 1 in the morning and 1 post workout to aid in nourishing muscles during their insulin sensitivity (i.e. driving as much nutrients in the cell/muscle as possible)....

    My diet has been HORRIBLE this past weekend as i was out of town for 4 days and pretty much massed up (considering my lack of adequate resources)...

    Anyways.. i GREATLY appreciate your input in the matter and will DEFINATELY keep a check on my fats and minerals intake! Thanks again!

    Anyone else have any ideas...?

    (preferably... has anyone used any of the above products in the original post...?)

    I just figure that i could take a viagra if i really needed it.. but then again, i hate the idea of "needing" anything to make it work right! Thats why i assume maybe enzyte is a better option as it is "natural" and hopefully wont be any harder of the liver/kidneys...

    Please advise.. and thanks again!

  4. For straight "ability to finish", look into picking up some Histidine.

    Also, this will sound strange, but engage in some testicular massage involving repeated squeezing for 10 minutes at a time in the will have to trust me on this one for now.
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  5. will look further into Histidine....

    i am open to ANYTHING... lol! I had a bit of a sexual "issue" the other night even AFTER taking an aspire36! Likely partly due to nerves... but still... i've never had any issues in that department...

    Regardless.... i will be happy to do some testicular massages! but what is the purpose though...? (keeping them "hanging" while on the Test cycle...?)

  6. Also... read up on Histidine... looks like when taken with b3 and b6.. it can effectively help elongate and enhance orgasms....

    Thats great... but NO WHERE does it state anything about dosage! LOL... one article said something between 1000-2000 mg... But not sure what B6 and B3 need to be at in conjunction...

    Anyways.. thanks again for everything... still waiting to hear more opinions/ideas! I will NOT REST tonight until i find a solution! (so come on folks!!! Give ur input so i can get some damn sleep! lol)

  7. Nettle root while on gear is great for wood and being constantly horny.

  8. Viagra will obviously work. Ive used it while "on" or during pct but only if I absolutely had too. One issue is the dosing like an hr before your going to have sex. And if you are going to use it make sure you are definately getting some. There is nothing worse than taking it and than being stuck w/ out a woman. Also look in to panax ginseng and maca. I found these to definately help in the libido/preformance department. I tend to take them even during normal times of the year when I dont need anything( not on cycle or pct). It just seems to make it even better which is always a plus even if you dont necessarily need it.
  9. frankdux
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    dont take any male 'enhancement' pills, some reliable sources did studies on the contents of enzyte and found them to have lead, e-coli and other bunk. If yer having a problem getting wood, you can get cialis research chems from lots of places


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