Rash from T-1?

  1. Rash from T-1?

    Hey I just started my first ever cycle. I am on day 3 of using T-1 Final (2 squirts a day) and I am developing a rash on my body (chest, arms, stomach, basically everywhere). I have heard of others having an allergic reaction to 1-test products. Should I just stop taking it?

  2. If you spilled the DMSO in there, that's the reason for the breakout.. Take off a day or two to see if it clears.. Best thing to do is apply the gel after a shower, that helps keep your skin from beign so sensitive..

    I deleted the other thread, you posted it twice..

  3. I got the T-1 lotion http://powernutrition.net/store/prod...e9748f54026abe

    I thought it was called T-1 final, but I guess it is just called T-1 Lotion. So I didn't add DMSO to it...

    Sorry about the extra post, it was my computer's fault

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