my first cycle HELP!

  1. my first cycle HELP!

    ive learned a lot from this forum and this is the basic cycle that ive come up with (still need to work out the dosages).
    wk 1-4 Oxevol( knockoff of Superdrol)
    -for liver support: fish oil, milk thistle
    wk 5-8
    -SERM: Nolvadex(Tamoxifen)
    -Cortisol control: Retain2.0
    -Test Booster: Hyperdrol or Mass Fx

    how does this look? if good, advice on dosages? any advice is greatly appreciated


  2. Lets get some stats going first.....Whats your age, weight, experience and daily nutrition intake?

  3. 25yrs old 6ft, 185lbs, ectomorph, apx 10%bf been lifting since high school. i eat pretty healthy no junk food.

  4. I have no experience with superdrol( and don't plan on it), but from what I've read its a harsh compound. There are some really good logs of it on this forum. Just IMO, if I were running a harsh cmpd like drol, I would really have my support supplements in line. I would use all of the ingredients contained in cycle support. Many people underestimate the importance of support supps, run the cycle, and feel like sh*t from all the sides. Check some of the logs on AM.



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