Stuck on PH's

  1. Angry Stuck on PH's

    Call me a *****, but I just don't want to make the jump from PH's to the real gear... I dunno, I guess it's like a fat kid eating a whole chocolate cake but drinking diet coke... lol

    I've tried 1 AD a couple of times and I got way strong using it. I wanted to try and put on a little mass and was looking at 1-test and 4 AD... any comments?

    I know more than I need to know about M1T to even try it (ya, I'm a *****) but I was wondering what 1 -test and/or 4 AD would do differently while bulking...



  2. there is no difference whatsoever between M1t (or 1-test) and testosterone in regards to one being a ph and the other an anabolic. Both are p about it. And now legally there is no difference in that regard either. 4ad is another question as is 1ad, but as for the others...its just semantics.

  3. If you are going to break the law, might as well use the real ****.

  4. ^^ dude... you look like an oompah loompah in your avatar. Where is the green hair?

  5. 1T/4AD transdermal are excellent for bulking. Great combo and certainly safe compared to others. The legal issue, however, is the same as with any of it; you are taking a risk, because in the eyes of the law, you are a bad, bad PH criminal!!!

    oh, BTW, get something to help with bloat. This cycle did make me an oompa-loompa until I kicked some formestane or letro in. Or add some t/d 3-alpha which also kicks ass added to the stack!



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