RedSwan's long 4AD/1AD/Superdrol (12 weeks) cycle log. Started June 4th

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  1. RedSwan's long 4AD/1AD/Superdrol/FinigenX (12 weeks) cycle log. Started June 4th

    (to clarify, the *cycle* was started June 4th, this log is being written a bit late, I've been busy! )

    Well here it is folks. It was talked about a bit in a previous thread, I've made some minor modifications, and started. The purpose of this thread is to provide (to myself and others) a trackable log of the events that occured before, during, and after this cycle. It's a bit controversial, and I'm not going to say that anyone else should, or should not do the same. Maybe we can all learn something from this (yes, including my pig-headed, stubborn self ) So I'll just jump right in and get the meat out of the way and explain afterwards:

    (yes, it's all oral pills)
    1-AD comes in 100mg caps
    4-AD comes in 300mg caps
    Superdrol comes in 10mg caps
    EDIT- I'm adding in FinigenX - it's a liquid product - liposomal delivery. Each 6ml has 25mg of the "active". Let me state this, I KNOW that it DOES NOT convert to Tren in the body, but what it does convert to is *similar* to Tren and has significant activity. Not many have used it, but from those that have, all have had very positive things to say about it.

    W1- 4AD - 900mg, SD - 20mg
    W2- 4AD - 1200 mg, SD - 20mg
    W3- 4AD - 1200 mg, SD - 20mg
    W4- 4AD - 1500 mg, SD - 20mg, 1AD - 600mg
    W5- 4AD - 1500 mg, 1AD - 600mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W6- 4AD - 1500 mg, 1AD - 700mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W7- 4AD - 1800 mg, 1AD - 700mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W8- 4AD - 1800 mg, 1AD - 800mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W9- 4AD - 1800 mg, SD - 20mg, 1AD - 800mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W10- 4AD - 1800 mg, SD - 30mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W11- 4AD - 1500mg, SD - 30mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)
    W12- 4AD - 1500mg, SD - 30mg, FinigenX - 18ml (75mg)

    I will be taking DHB with eatch dose of the PH's.
    It's from ASR, and eatch cap is 300mg of DHB. (DHB is the thing in Grapefruit juice. Basically, DHB attaches to the enzymes that are responsible for metabolizing oral medications in the first pass metabolism, so you get more out of your orals, because the enzymes that destroy them in the first pass are already occupied by the DHB.)

    Why did I chose these substances and why the length of the cycle? Well, these are the things that I currently have from getting them earlier in the year before the ban, so if you're questioning my choices and legality, that is the reason. As to the length of the cycle and why I don't break it up into two smaller cycles with pct inbetween, Let's just say that it's a "timing" issue in regards to the possibility of a drug test/Career. Not saying anything further, I'd like to keep that part of my life private please. Thank you for understanding.

    Bloodwork: I have already gotten a baseline blood draw before I started taking any of the PH's. (results will be posted below) I will also be getting bloodwork at the end of the first 4 weeks (the end of the first superdrol phase), and once again at the end of week 8 (right before the 2nd superdrol phase). I will also be getting bloodwork after the cycle ends, and yet again after PCT (hell, maybe even in the middle of pct too). I don't want to damage my health, and if things look *really* out of whack, I'll stop or make the appropriate changes.

    Diet and measurement info: Diet will be roughly 1,000 cals over maintenance. At the start of this (day 0- June 3rd) I weighed 176 lbs at 10.35% bodyfat. (3 site skinfold measurements. Chest: 9mm, Abdomen: 13mm, Thigh 14mm) The breakdown of the diet is: 400g Protein, 300g Carbs, 75-85g Fat.
    I have been taking in that exact amount for 2 weeks prior to starting this cycle, and the numbers where just a tad bit lower for the 6 weeks prior to *that*: 350g P, 250g C, 75g F. Previous to that, I was cutting and had reached a low of 172 lbs. at 8.8% bf.

    This is just to give you an idea of where my diet has been in the past and it's effects on me. The 6 weeks at the slightly lower numbers saw my weight staying the same (hovering around 175 lbs) with a slight decrease in skinfold measurements - about 3mm total over the 6 weeks. The two weeks of the higher amounts saw a slight increase in skinfold measurements and saw my weight move up to an average of 176 lbs. I weigh myself every single day with the same scale right after I wake up, completely naked, before I've eaten or drank anything, after going to the bathroom.

    I am EXTREMELY anal with my food intake! I weigh EVERYTHING! (ok, except for fruit, because what am I going to do if it's a few grams short, cut open another piece and take it with me? I'm NOT perfect, I just STRIVE to be ) But seriously, I weigh my scoops of protein for pete's sake. The container gives me nutritional info for 30 grams weight of powder, so I make sure I get 30 grams weight of powder. (sometimes, scoops come up "short", and as explained, I like to try to be precise)
    My diet is very clean food that I prepare in advance, lean protein sources, and low GI carbs. Egg whites, lean ground beef, lowfat cottage cheese, chicken/turkey breast, lean cuts of beef, tuna, CarbCountdown fatfree Milk, oatmeal, brown rice, red kidney beans, sweet potatoes, apples, plums, pears, bananas, EVOO, Udo's Choice Oil, Fish Oil, and of course, Whey Protein. (Like I said, I weigh/measure everything. My digital scale is my friend!) This breaks down into 4 whole food meals, 2 half food/half shake meals, and 2 shake meals. 7 are taken/eaten during the day, and I wake up in the middle of the night and slam down a protein shake. Having said all that, I might decide to up the cals by another 300 or so after I see how the weight is changing, and also I'm sure that after gaining 10 or so pounds I'll need to increase food intake anyways to continue gaining.

    Supplements: Since this is a *long* cycle, I'm going to be taking many things that are anti-oxidants, things for liver support, cholesterol support, things for blood pressure, kidneys. Here's the main list of supps:

    Alcar, Taurine, Green tea extract, CLA, Idebenone, Policosanal, Rhodilia, Celery seed extract, NAC, Red Yeast Rice, CoQ10, Milk Thistle, C12 extract (twinlab blood pressure control), Allicin (garlic), Saw Palmetto, Hawthorn Berry, Fish Oil, Multi-vit, Vit-C, Dandelion root

    In addition:
    Cissus Quadrangularis, Celedrin, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, DHB (the stuff from grapefruit juice), CEE, Whey Protein Also adding in Designer Supp's: ActivaTe I also decided to get some bulk HMB powder and run that at a high dose (9 grams a day. Holy crap does this stuff STINK and make whatever you mix it with taste bad :P ).

    I've thought about the possibility of adding in a low dose of ReboundXT around the middle of the cycle if estrogen sides start to show up. I also have some Letrozole on hand if bloat gets unbearable, but I really want to keep these two to a minimum, because estrogen DOES have benefits.

    Training: Currently I am in the hands of a *very* capable trainer. Iron Addict is training me, and I have made more gains with him in the past 8 weeks than I had made on my own the previous *16* weeks! My MAIN focus right now is on gaining strength. "Those that makes the biggest strength gains will also make the biggest size gains" is what I'm sticking to. (because trying to get the size without the strength being there just was NOT working :P ) So basically I'm on a modified hybrid powerlifting/bodybuilding type of routine. Iron Addict likes to call it "powerbuilding". I'm lifting 3 times a week and doing cardio 3 times a week, and also pulling a weighted sled outside 2 times a week. (Eventually when I build up enough time on the sled, those two days will replace two of the cardio days, but that won't happen for about 3 or 4 weeks or so). Sorry, but I will not be able to give a breakdown of exactly what it is that I am doing in the gym, but I will be able to give highlights.

    Goals: of course, increased strength and SIZE! Also, like to keep fat gain to a minimum. Of course I'm going to be gaining some fat, but I'm not looking to go *crazy* here. I know I'll bloat up, and I'm fine with that, it can be taken care of after PCT. The objective when all is said and finished is to come out with a very nice increase of Lean Body Mass.

    PCT: I already have Nolva, ReboundXT, Lean Xtreme, and Letrozole ON HAND. Basically, every single other supplement listed above will also continue into PCT. (I was taking about half of them before this started everyday anyways). Dr. D was nice enough to lay out a PCT plan for me after hearing my thoughts on what I think it should consist of. Here is what Dr. D suggested, and what I will be doing for PCT (maybe with a *slight* modification, still a bit unsure about the Clomid, and I will not be using HCG, as I don't have any access to it) -
    Quote Originally Posted by DR.D
    wk1: Clomid 100mg, LXT 150mg, RXT 25mg, Fen 2000mg, DHEA 200mg
    wk2: Clomid 100mg, LXT 100mg, RXT 25mg, Fen 2500mg, DHEA 200mg
    wk3: Clomid 50mg, Nolva 40mg, LXT 50mg, RXT 25mg, Fen 3000mg, DHEA 200mg
    wk4: Nolva 60mg, RXT 50mg, DHEA 100mg
    wk5: Nolva 40mg, RXT 50mg, DHEA 100mg
    wk6: Nolva 20mg, RXT 75mg, Fen 2000mg, DHEA 50mg
    wk7: Nolva 20mg, RXT 75mg, Fen 2500mg
    wk8: Nolva 20mg, RXT 75mg, Fen 3000mg

    If you have hCG and haven't used it all cycle, but decide you need it to kick off PCT after all, start 2 weeks before PCT with 500iu EOD until you've used a total of 5000iu, your very first shot should be 1000 though. This will slightly over lap with the initiation of your PCT but it's a good way to stage the SERM and won't hurt final PCT results, you're not loading the Clomid anyway, and you have 8 weeks. With the RXT and LXT, at the times when the dose is over 25 and 50mg respectively, separate the doses into equally spaced intervals. The DHEA dose all in morning or in a morning/noon split. No DHEA after noon. You may realize about 4wks into PCT that you are ahead of task. If so, you can cut the PCT short to 6wks instead of 8 or just stick to the script but eliminate the last 2 wks of Nolva use. In this case, you might could down adjust the RXT dose too. You should be bouncing hard after this. I'd skip not less than 2 more months now before the next cycle. A final note, you could sub Nolva(about 60-80mg) for Clomid if you wish to avoid Clomid or don't have any on hand, but it does not work as well in my experience, at least not as fast.
    So I think that pretty much covers everything. Just as a reminder, anything presented here is subject to change based upon how things are going and if bloodwork looks horrible or whatnot. Next post will have stats/measurements in it.
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  2. RESULTS at a Glance. Weekly updates this post.

    This is the post that I will come back and edit to provide quick, at a glance, week by week results for those that don't wish to read through every single post that follows.

    Baseline Bloodwork (Taken Thursday June 2nd)
    AST: 35 (range: less than 45)
    ALT: 47 (range: less than 45 - slightly out of range here)
    Triglycerides: 52 (range: less than 150)
    Cholesterol: 131 (range: less than 200)
    HDL: 45 (range: greater than 39)
    LDL: 75 (range: less than 130)
    LDL/HDL Ratio: 1.68 (range: less than 3.25)
    Total Testosterone: 448 (range: 241 - 827)

    Day 0, June 3rd - Start of week 1

    Weight: 176.0
    Chest: 9mm
    Abdomen: 13mm
    Thigh: 14mm
    Bodyfat: 10.35%
    Waist: 31"
    Bodypart Tape Measurements: ("cold", flexing)
    Chest: 40"
    R. Bicep: 15 1/4"
    L. Bicep: 15 1/8"
    R. Quad: 23 1/4"
    L. Quad: 22 1/4"
    R. Calf: 16 3/4"
    L. Calf: 16 1/4"
    R. Forearm: 11 1/2"
    L. Forearm: 11 1/2"

    1 Rep Max lifts:
    Bench: 240 lbs.
    Squat: 265 lbs.
    Deadlift: 315 lbs.

    Ok, so my Squat sucks, yes I know :P Also, you might notice that my left leg is smaller than my right. When I was 15 years old I got ran over by a car, and broke every single bone in my left leg. I was in a hospital bed in my living room with a cast from my toes to my hip for 3 months, and then on crutches with a cast from right above my knee down to my toes for an additional 3 months. When I came out of the casts, my left leg was literally HALF the size of my right. Nobody really notices unless I point out the difference to them. Anyways, that's why it's like that.
    ============================== ================

    Day 8, June 11th - start of week 2

    weight: 181.6 +5.6 from start
    Chest: 9mm
    Abdomen: 13m
    Thigh: 15mm +1mm from start
    Waist: 31 1/4" +1/4" from start

    Feeling like strength gains have already started to come on! (based on the previous days workout)
    ============================== ================

    Day 15, June 18th - start of week 3

    weight: 184.8 (+8.8 from start)
    Chest: 10mm (+1mm from start)
    Abdomen: 13mm
    Thigh: 15mm (+1mm from start)
    Waist: 31 1/2 (+1/2" from start)

    Felt VERY strong at yesterday's (Fri. June 17) workout. This coming week should see *very* nice strength increases!
    ============================== ================

    Day 22, Sat. June 25 - start of week 4

    Weight: 189.6 (+13.6 from start)
    Chest: 10mm (+1mm from start)
    Abdomen: 14mm (+1mm from start)
    Thigh: 15mm (+1mm from start)
    Waist: 31 3/4" (+3/4" from start)

    Started taking Sesathin about halfway through week 3, and applied Absolved to stomach and chest before cardio. Also took a dose of Letrozole to help with bloat, may continue it every 3 days. Strength is up even more than last week, but a little less than I expected.
    ============================== ================

    4-week Bloodwork (end of first phase of Superdrol) Blood drawn on Day 27, day 28 was actual last day of Superdrol

    AST: 53
    (range: less than 45) Baseline test: 35
    ALT: 52
    (range: less than 45) Baseline test: 47
    Triglycerides: 44
    (range: less than 150) Baseline test: 52
    Cholesterol: 82
    (range: less than 200) Baseline test: 131
    HDL: 16
    (range: greater than 39) Baseline test: 45
    LDL: 57
    (range: less than 130) Baseline test: 75
    LDL/HDL Ratio: 3.58
    (range: less than 3.25) Baseline test: 1.68

    All in all, I think this looks pretty good! Definately alot better than I've seen for quite a few other SD cycles. Liver values aren't that high, yes HDL is pretty low, but I *knew* that was going to be down! At least it's still in the double digits. I was pretty surprised that LDL went DOWN? I've usually seen it go *up*! Nothing was different from this blood draw compared to the last as far as fasting time and time of blood draw. Going to get blood drawn again at the end of the 8th week, right before the SD starts up again to see if it's still ok to continue.
    ============================== ================

    Day 29, Sat. July 2 - start of week 5
    Weight: 190.4 (+14.4 from start)
    Chest: 10mm (+1mm from start)
    Abdomen: 14mm (+1mm from start)
    Thigh: 15mm (+1mm from start)
    Waist: 32" (+1" from start)

    Started taking 120mgs/day of Raloxifene to combat a bit of nipple puffiness.
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  3. Day 0, 1, 2, and 3:

    Well, "Day 0" was Friday June 3rd. Weighed in at 176.0
    This was when I went in the gym and tested my 1 rep max on Squat and Deadlift. I needed to be "clean" so that I could get accurate results of what I could do naturally to give to IA so that he could gauge progress. AFTER getting home from the gym I started taking the PH's, and obviously only got in a half day of them.

    Day 1 was Saturday, weight: 175.2
    Pretty wierd, but considering how long I was in the gym testing my maxes and the amount of stress I put on my body, not surprising. Rest day.

    Day 2, weight: 177.8
    Again, rest day

    Day 3, weight 178.6
    Skinfolds: Chest 9mm, Abdomen 13mm, Thigh 14mm
    waist: 31
    Today I went into the gym. First time doing decline benches in a LONG time, was only suppossed to be a 3 rep max, did 225 for 5 reps. Just felt strong and like I could keep going, so I did! Rest of the workout went good, but oddly I was feeling VERY "pumped". I had NOT felt like this before. My Lats and Triceps where *very* pumped by the end of the workout!

  4. Days 4, 5, 6, and 7

    Day 4, weight: 179.8

    Day 5, weight: 180.4
    Felt pretty pumped in the gym again today, particularly at the end of the workout.

    Day 6, weight: 181.8
    Chest: 9mm
    Abdomen: 13mm
    Thigh: 15mm
    Waist: 31 1/4"
    Recieved and started dosing the HMB today. Like I commented above, WOW does this stuff STINK, and make whatever you put it in taste pretty bad!

    Day 7, Friday June 10th - weight: 182.0
    Had an AWESOME day in the gym today! The strength has come already! My 1 rep max Deadlift was 315 (tested just last Friday), today I was to do a 3 rep max dead. Did 280 x3 no problem, totally felt like I could do more. Rested, put 305 on the bar and busted out 3 good reps! Awesome! Using a 1 rep max calculator, it predicts my 1rep max is now 332 lbs. Rest of the workout was stellar as well!

    I'm noticeably bigger. My roomate actually commented on it yesterday. I'm up 6 lbs. Thing is, I KNOW almost all of this is probably water weight/Glycogen. I DEFINATELY look "smoother" in the mirror compared to before. Not horribly, but noticeably. I didn't make any changes to my diet compared to before though, so that's kind of wierd. Well, whatever, I knew I was going to get bloated, and I don't really mind. I've been so dry previous to this that my joints and the rest of my body will probably love the extra water.

    Ok, now that I'm all caught up, updates should come either every day or every other day. (gimme some lee-way if I get really busy and every 3 days at the most)

  5. Good luck bro.

  6. you have a lot of 4-ad.

    hope everything is going well and continues to do so.

  7. take phosphatidylserine during pct as well as other cortisol supressors...any other recomendations for him would be good

    otherwise, cycle looks good

  8. you are keeping a FANTASTIC log! Good luck with your cycle.

  9. Day 8, Saturday June 11
    1st day of 2nd week
    weight- 181.6 +5.6 from start
    chest: 9mm
    abdomen: 13mm
    thigh: 15mm +1mm from start
    waist: 31 1/4" + 1/4" from start

    My lower back was *sore* as HELL today! CLARIFICATION: this is from all the work I did in the gym yesterday, and NOT the "lower back pump" that most people report on SD useage. I never got the lower back pump the last time I ran SD. At least, it doesn't FEEL like the pumps I was talking about that I had in the gym earlier in the week, this just feels like "you really worked the hell out of your lower back in the gym!" type of soreness. It feels good.

    My neighbors love me. Pulled the sled around outside my condo complex through the streets. Sounds like a rock crusher at times. People stare and give me the "what the **** are you doing!?" look. I love it. Cardio afterwards as well.

    Edit- Thanks for the comments so far. Yes I have alot of 4AD I'm using Lean Xtreme during PCT as a Cortisol reducer, and I've thought about maybe throwing in some Phosphatidyl Serine as well though.
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  10. Day 9, Sun. June 12
    weight: 182.4 (couldn't poo before time to eat though, so I'm sure some of the weight is *that* :P )

    Rest day. Lower back is still sore, but no where near as much as yesterday. Was a bit tired so I took a short nap today. I need to get more sleep, I've only been getting 7 hours for the past 2 or 3 days, I need more like 8+

  11. looking good so far bro cant wait to see what kind of gains you get from all of this

  12. Awesome log, RS78!

    Glad you're getting such good results so far.

    Oh yeah, and sorry about the constipation

  13. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Oh yeah, and sorry about the constipation
    At first I was like "what the hell is he talking about?" lol! No, no constipation,

    ::squick alert::

    see there's just like a 20 minute time frame between when I wake up, and when I have to eat my first meal/take my pills. I just wasn't "feelin it" before that time frame is all, so that's the weight I got. Everything came out fine and dandy after eating LOL!

  14. Day 10, Mon. June 13
    weight: 183.6 (+7.6)

    Felt pretty "bloated" last night. Woke up and didn't feel bloated, but didn't feel "strong" either. You know when you wake up and you just feel strong as hell and you know you're going to go in the gym and just kill it, and then there's days where you wake up and you're like "yeah.. ok". That was today.

    Tried to get myself as amped up as possible, went in the gym, did my warmups and then got into my work set/s. Declines where up 10 lbs and felt great (and remember, I wasn't feeling very strong and still handled a 10 lb. increase like it was cake), and other lifts up either 5 lbs. or a few reps. For not feeling like I was going to get much out of my workout today, I got a great workout in.

    Triceps where SMOKIN pumped at the gym! Felt insanely full! Sled pulling tomorrow

  15. 7.6lbs? Wow...great gains so far!

    Good to hear the lifts are moving along, too!

  16. Day 11, Tues. June 14
    weight: 183.6
    Chest: 10mm
    Abdomen: 13mm
    Thigh: 15mm

    Waist: 31 1/2"

    Felt pretty tired today too. Took another nap. Went out and pulled the sled and did cardio today. I TOTALLY pigged out at work today. I had an ice cream cone (chocolate peanut butter), a few cookies, and some chocolate covered pretzels. Wow, that **** was GOOD as hell! lol! Ok, ok, so you're asking yourself "WTF" this guy weighs his protein scoops and then he eats this ****?

    I haven't cheated on my diet plan in a LONG time, and I figured "**** it", I was hungry, and it was sitting there in front of me at work. Also, I bulking ****, one day in a LONG time isn't going to kill me. I still ate all of my other regular meals that I have scheduled, so I got in all my protein, carbs and fats, I just had that "extra" food. I know I shouldn't, my waist has been increasing. It was sort of a mental health thing too. Denying yourself for *too* long isn't that good. Now it's back to normal though folks, no more cheating. Well, not at least for another month or so.


  18. Day 12, Wed. June 15
    weight: 184.6 (+8.6)

    Felt pretty tired today too. That's it, I'm making it a priority to get at *least* 8 hours of sleep. 7 hours just doesn't cut it. (and it's not like I'm only getting 7 on purpose, it just ends up that way with all the things I do before I go to bed and when I wake up to eat again and get in all my meals for the day.) Went in the gym and had an awesome workout. No weight increases, but rep increases on everything. Biceps and forearms where crazy pumped (again, they never used to feel like THIS before I started the PH's).

  19. Day 13, Thur. June 16
    weight: 184.0 (+8.0)

    My weight usually drops a bit the day after weightlifting, so that's something you'll see the rest of the log. Got 9 hours of sleep last night (Thursday-Friday is actually my "weekend" from work). Wow, feel SOOO much better Went grocery shopping today, cardio, and then it's chef-master 9000 in the kitchen for a few hours cooking up everything for the week.

  20. Day 14, Fri. June 17
    weight: 185.0 (+9.0)

    Oh Snap! Bring on the Strength!

    Got 8 hours of sleep last night, felt good and rested today, although I got to the gym a little bit later than usual. Didn't feel particularly "strong" or "weak" when I woke up, just felt regular. Went in the gym, and after warmups, started doing box squats. I was to do a 1 rep max on box squats. Now, if you'll recall, my 1 rep max on regular squats is 265. Box squats are suppossed to be harder to do because you have to restart the movement out of the bottom position from a dead stop. I'm finding that I'm liking them ALOT more than regular squats though, and I think today proved that a bit!

    So based on the previous numbers that I put up with box squats, using a 1 rep max calculator online, I figured 245 would be my 1rm. I do 225 for 1 and it feels pretty light. Maybe it's also the fact that I've got the gym co-owner watching me, who is a record holding 800 lb. squatter (799 lbs. at 198 lbs. bodyweight) telling me that I should be thinking of putting up 300 to 315.

    Anyways, I work my way up and hit 280 lbs.! Felt ****in awesome too! Attempted 300, lost my tightness down in the hole and it pinned me, so I just left it at that. I could have waited a while longer and attempted it again, but I still had the rest of my workout to do. I'll get 'er next time.

    Rest of the workout was awesome as well! The very next exercise I did I got 4 more reps than the week before *with* a 10 lb. increase!

    Yes, feeling pretty damn good. As a side note, I thought about bumping up the 4AD to 1500 next week (one week early). It all depends on lethargy issues. I'll leave it as it is for now, but it might go up early sometime during the week if I'm just feeling too rundown and tired all the time. Making it a priority to get at least 8 hours of sleep though, (instead of 7. Discussed in my Day 12 post) so that should help TONS. We'll see.

  21. Day 15, Sat. June 18
    1st day of 3rd week
    weight: 184.8 (+8.8)
    Chest: 10mm (+1mm from start)
    Abdomen: 13mm
    Thigh: 15mm (+1mm from start)
    Waist: 31 1/2 (+1/2" from start)

    Sled pulling and cardio today. Everything else sailing along smoothly, nothing abnormal to report.

  22. Subscribe. I love these really detailed logs run by super-anal guys, they're incredibly informative. Keep up the good work hombre.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by Nabeshin
    Subscribe. I love these really detailed logs run by super-anal guys, they're incredibly informative. Keep up the good work hombre.
    Anal, guys, and I love are four words I would never use in the same sentence j/k, buddy

    Anyway, RS78 is keeping a great log. Congrats on the PR, bud!!!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by kwyckemynd00
    Anal, guys, and I love are four words I would never use in the same sentence
    My keyboard is now covered in partially digested chicken and brown rice. I hope you're happy.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by Nabeshin
    My keyboard is now covered in partially digested chicken and brown rice. I hope you're happy.
    sorry bud .... diddn't mean to.


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