1. Anavar

    I am 30 male, workng out for last 3 years.

    I decided to start prohormjne stack and was not sure how it will effect me, so last august i did a stack frlm advance muscle science which was very mild. Had 2lbs gain.. I gave 40 days break an then did super dmz, 4-andro stack with gear aupport followed by pct aromx.. Had gaines of 10 lbs.

    Its been 40 days again and would like to try anavar stack as BSL products are very costly to try.. Could you help me plan a good anavar stack for 4-5 weeks and followed by pct please..

    Looking like am lil prone to gyno, idit take clomid or nolva during second cycle and have alihhg bight tits.

    My wedding is in may and i would want to get in shape well, currently with 9% bofy fat..

    Goal is to loose fat and gain noticable lean body mass...

    Should i ho with anavar and sustanon or anavar or danabol or anabar vs test??

    Please help me with a decent plan, support and pct

  2. 1-16 test e 500
    1-16 eq 800
    14-20 var 50-100mg
    clen / eca
    cycle assist

    clomid 50/25/25/25
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  3. Thank you very much.

    Imy wedding is on may 4th and have exactly 2.5 months to workout..

    Considering that i was thjnking i will do 5 weekz of androl amd anavar at 50 mg increase to 100 for 2 nd and 3rd week an reduce back to 25 mg during 4th and 5th week

    Post which will do pct for 4 weeks 50/25/25/25 with clomid

    So u think its good combo??? On plan??

  4. Var is the most faked hormone on the market. I would avoid it go with winnie or something otc like epistane or fruza-a instead.
    ForeRunner Labs
    The Future of Human Performance

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