An long time Prami users

  1. An long time Prami users

    As far as I can see the drug has incredible pros to it. Increase GH release, baby sleep, anti prolactin, increased libido, lasting longer in bed etc. of course there is some side effects but if taken before bed they can be avoided. has anyone used this this long term im running .5mgs on the deca blast and staying much leaner then usual I dont know if i can attribute that to the prami and increased GH but i would like to think so.


  2. Im no expert but I would read up on the medical studies where they had patients on prami/caber for long periods of time. Heart valve issues occured in every group. Seems to me with just basic research that the side effects really outweigh the benefits here. Prolactin is a ***got hormone though I think we can agree

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