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    Now, I hate to be that guy.

    But anytime a guy comes on here and asks the same questions without doing any research he gets bashed and flamed.

    So why is it different when a woman does the same?
    You beat me to the punch... Man, thought I was the only one wondering. Lol.
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  2. I know the app.

    As far as physique goes you should be more interested in the macronutrients than just the total kCal.

    You should have a set number in mind to hit everyday and should get as close to those numbers a possible.

  3. Gross

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jimbuick View Post
    From what I have seen you are not ready for AAS.

    I will not advise you on a cycle layout. With only 1 year of training you could make gains equivalent of a cycle with proper programming and nutrition.

    If you need help on either of those then I would suggest making the appropriate thread in female fitness and people will help you accordingly.

    If you don't track your caloric intake then it is impossible to say your diet is on track.
    Agreed. All of your responses in this thread so far have been very indicative of someone who has not done much prior research. As a matter of fact, I believe you admit to that yourself. After I decided I wanted to try anabolics, I believe I did a good 7-9 months of reading before I even posted a thread concerning my first cycle...not to mention I'd been training for 4.5 years. You'd do well to STUDY the compounds you plan to use and to hear from female competitors who have previously used those compounds.

    At your current state, you'll be taking a compound without really having any idea what it's doing inside your body to produce results. That makes addressing side effect a real pain (hmm...this certain thing is happening to me and I have no idea why it is or how to address it). Don't think of anavar as a magic pill...there are benefits and risks, can't choose just one. There are plenty of threads all around the net that pertain to anavar, along with medical data on it, and seeking those out and reading up before posting a question will serve you well.
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    I push myself to limits everyday i train tbh, visited my mum yesterday and she said i looked a bit bigger, she doesnt know about the steroids


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