Future cycle plans, how do you like them?

  1. Future cycle plans, how do you like them?

    I am planning my post ban cycles. They wint be done for a few tyears, as I am not old enough. But I may aswell buy when they are legal.

    All transdermals will be homebrewed using this recepe:

    37% Isopropyl alcahol
    15% IPM
    15% IPP
    10% Oleic acid
    10% PG
    8% DMSO
    5% D-limonene

    By my calculation, I will need (for 2litres)

    740ml IPA
    300ml IPM
    300ml IPP
    200ml Oleic acid
    200ml PG
    160ml DMSO
    100ml D-limonene

    I have all this and more(enough to make ~500ml more)

    I will mix maximum 10g powder in 250ml. I therefore have 100grams of powder dissolving potential. That said, here are the cycles:

    Cycle 1.

    1Test 200mg ED weeks 1-6 (8.4g total)
    4AD 300mg ED weeks 1-6(12.6g total)
    M5AA 30mg week 1-4 (840mg total)
    4 weeks nolva PCT 40,40,20,20(840mg total)

    Cycle 2.
    1Test 200mg ED weeks 1-6 (8.4g total)
    4AD 300mg ED weeks 1-6(12.6g total)
    M5AA 40mg week 1-2 (560mg total)
    M1,4-Andro-diol 60mg week 3-6 (1680mg total)
    4 weeks nolva PCT 40,40,20,20(840mg total)

    Cycle 3.
    1Test 250mg ED weeks 1-6 (10.5g total)
    4AD 400mg ED weeks 1-6 (16.8g total)
    M5AA 50mg weeks 1-2 (700mg total)
    M1,4-Andro-Diol 30mg weeks 1-3, week 4 60mg (1050mg total)
    4 weeks nolva PCT 40,40,20,20(840mg total)

    if Methyl-DHT is out by the time I buy my actives, I will substitute M5AA for that.

    So I will need:

    27.3g 1Test powder, say 30g
    42g 4AD, say 50g
    That gives 80g of active to dissolve, just right.

    2100mg M5AA (3bottles, I may up the dosage as I will have plenty spare.)
    2730mg M1,4-ADD just over 1 bottle, I may lower the dosage by 30mg for 1 day.

    2490mg Nolva. I will but 6g in case I need extra for on cycle(and it is cheap)

    Hopefully M-DHT and/or superbol will be out before I buy these(probably this friday) so if possible, I will research into those before I buy.

    Would you change anything? Add or take away compounds in any cycle?

    200ml Grapefruit juice will be taken 30minutes before each methyl administration.

    I have been told that M5AQA is illegal to sell in the UK, has anyone recieved it via 1fast400 before? Or will it be snatched?

  2. You are 17. By the time you wait a couple of years, saying you buy these things now, the quality of these substances will have diminished. That is if you wait till then, which we all know you are gonna use these as soon as you get your hands on them. There is no sense messing up your normal growth pattern and the circulation of your hormones at an age like this. Just train hard in the gym and eat, worry about hormones when you can't grow anymore naturally. You are at the peak of your testosterone levels around this age, why screw it all up? No i am not assuming that you are gonna take these now but when you have stuff laying around in the room like that the temptation will be quite strong. My advice is to wait on the ban and see what comes of it, most likely there will be plenty of opportunities by the time you are older to obtain substances like these.

  3. Dude, just wait till your of age and buy real gear, since they will be in the same class of substances.

  4. I thought they could last up to 5+ years if they were vacuum sealed and frozen?

    I dont want real gear, as I don't want to inject.

  5. Injecting is cheaper, and more effective. Its also fun and less harsh on the liver. I for one would rather inject 1 test cyp then take m1t. I would also rather inject Winstrol Depot then take it orallt, becuase the dose is less, meaning less liver damage. You can make transdermal testosterone, and also transdermal fina, there really is no reason to waste your money on things like 4ad after it is banned. Things like 1 test and m1t would be good, because they are active, but why by something that requieres conversion when you can get the active hormone with the same penalty by law.

  6. Your plans have been laid out well. In order to keep this stuff for the period of time you are saying (4-5 years) it will definately need to be vaccum sealed and frozen. You would probably be better off going with powders for the M5AA/M14 and just making oral solutions with some PEG or 151.

    And Grant, the whole idea is that right now, it isnt "under penalty of law". Why have to go out and get a source, whose reliability of product and of business you know nothing of? I too am stocking up for the future, even though I am only 19, solely because I do not care to go out and search for a source for AAS. Most of this stuff now is damn good as is (for instance, I could take dbol or I could take m14 and have it convert to dbol...same end product). I personally know that I will use these substances in the future, so I am stocking up.

    It seems that you have done your research meathead; things look good. I would stress to stick with powder of m5aa and m14 though, because A) you'll end up getting more for your money and B) I shoudl think powders woudl keep better when vaccum sealed and frozen than tabs.

  7. I would ideally get the powders, but 1fast400 doesnt stock them. As I am from the UK, I only want to pay shipping for 1 lot of items so that is my only option.

    Also, the PH ban is not passing in the UK, so it will still be legal to possess, but it will be illegal to sell.(It is the same with steroids)


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