lOOKING for T-1 Lotion w/4ad in it ??

  1. lOOKING for T-1 Lotion w/4ad in it ??

    i went to physicalenchencments.com but there out of this stuff for the past 5
    weeks and i want to start my cycle soon.......i got 4 ad sepreatly that ive been using but
    it smells like viniger so im tryin to get something else....with a more welcome smell
    any ideas??

  2. Does Custom have it on his site still? If so you might want to check there.

  3. Pick up some T-Gel from custom and purchase some powder and make up your own.
  4. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    S1+ has 1Test and 4AD in it already. You can get it from Dermabolics or Bulk Nutrition. You could also try it like NPursuit said, that will be my route the next time.

  5. Yea go with custom theres smells like Fast Orange.



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