test levels over 1200 Bad long term???

  1. test levels over 1200 Bad long term???

    I have been on HRT for over 2 years now ( Test cyp at 30o mg per week with 1mg per week Anastrozal as an E blocker)
    my test levels came in at 1200 - I am 45 years old.. and my doc. said he was worried. He felt studies show that test over 1,000 for sustained use is not healthy for liver/cardiovascular system.. I cant find ANY evidence to support his claim after ordering some medical journals online.
    In fact there is very little in the way of studies on long term test use.
    Can anyone give me some feedback on this. I would be interested to hear stories from ling term users esp. if they are willing to share bloodwork info on liver function etc.

  2. Sub'd. I'd really like to hear more on this also

  3. Is this doc an endo? Also 300mg/week is a pretty high, I bet if you had bloods drawn the day after the dose the might be higher

    Some people do cycles like that

  4. keep an eye on your rbc, that's most likely what he is talking about. When it starts getting high, donate blood.

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