Anavar Cycle

  1. Anavar Cycle

    Hi everyone,

    This is my first post and the reason for it is because I can't find the right information on the internet after days of searching. Firstly, I know every time someone mentions that they are doing a anavar cycle, people start criticizing them about not adding test. However, I do understand it is much more effective to add Test but as a personal preference, I would rather run it alone.

    Here are my stats;
    -23 years old
    -190 pounds
    -8-10% body fat
    -Training for 4 years
    -Diet very clean all year round
    - Have done CEL X-Tren before and noticed great strength increases, increase in mass, reduction in body fat with no sides.

    - Gain extra strength for MMA
    -Maybe if lucky add 5 pounds


    Week 1 - 8 60mg Var
    - CEL Cycle assist (8 caps per day)

    Week 9- 11 20mg Nolva
    - Liv52

    The question I have for you guys;

    1. I know that Anavar is toxic on the liver(although mild), and hence I have decided to take liver support tablets. However, the question is, will liv 52 tablets suffice instead of cel cycle assist tablets? If not, what are the benefits of taking cycle assist over liv 52 in regards to Anavar?

    2. I know that Anavar can suppress your natural test levels, so is my pct adequate? A lot of people proclaim that no PCT is needed, whereas others say it is a must.

    I consider to be a must, however some people say to run it for 2 weeks, other say 4 weeks and there is so many conflicting view about the dosages to take as well. So I guess, I just want some clarity in regards to this issue backed up with your reasoning.

    Conclusion: Please do not criticize me for my cycle and suggest to take test, which a lot of people tend to do. As mentioned previously, I understand why it is beneficial to add test but an anavar cycle seems to be adequate to reach my goals. Furthermore, please provide some useful advice backed up by your reasoning, as I have been researching this for countless hours for the last month. To me it seems that many people don't know what they are talking about and just repeat stuff they have heard without having actual knowledge or experience on the matter. Thanks

  2. 1. I use Liv.52 and milk thistle myself year round, even on cycle. Liv.52 is the best stuff out there.
    2. I'd personally go to 4 weeks with the tamox.

    Some will say 8 weeks is too long but you're good to go at 60mg.

  3. Thanks Kanakafarian for your quick reply. Why do you suggest 4 week tamox PCT? Why is this better than a 2 - 3 week PCT? Also, what are your recommended dosages and why?

  4. Pct should definitely be 4 wks and I'd run 20mg all 4 wks. 2-3 weeks isn't enough to recover from after 8wks of var especially because you don't have clomid which is better at recovering hpta faster than nolva.

  5. Thanks for the reply. What support supp would you recommend taking with the nolva? Would you also recommend liv 52? Will this be sufficient or should I also add Milk Thistle (like kanakafarian suggested)?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by kom01 View Post
    Thanks for the reply. What support supp would you recommend taking with the nolva? Would you also recommend liv 52? Will this be sufficient or should I also add Milk Thistle (like kanakafarian suggested)?
    liv 52 is fine. personally i think people blow the liver "damage" from orals way of of proportion.

  7. I agree ppl do blow it out of proportion. But just be on the safe side and run liv 52

  8. Yeah that's exactly what I was going to say, you better be safe than sorry. If you think about it, a lot of people drink alcohol and they don't even take their liver into consideration.

    Anyway, its been 4 days so far on my var cycle and I do agree with people that it doesn't do much. I have become more vascular as I have become more veiny, however no real strength gain yet. However, most people say that they don't realize any strength gain until 2.5 weeks into it. The thing I don't get is that one of my close mates, swears by anavar and believes that it has increased his strength dramatically. I honestly believe that it is the perception of taking it that has improved his strength because he was only taking dosages of 30mg and he was doing it on and off.

  9. I hear var takes about 2 wks to kick in. You'll start seeing recomp like effects and good strength gains soon. This is from what I have seen In person. not personal use.


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