Looking for valuable suggestions

  1. Looking for valuable suggestions

    Ok, well this is my first post on this site,so i hope i placed this in the right area.Ive recently just finished my first cycle {about 2 months ago}and had good results. I am currently preping for my next one with is tenative around the end of april. Ive been dieting well,high proteins,low carbs, low fat. Adding alot of cardio,as i am trying to get BF as low as possible before next cycle.The reason i am here: I need some feedback on my future stack, I feel it is pretty well planned but wanted to get a few suggestions.

    First cyc.
    1-3=dbol 50 mg ED
    1-8 deca 200mg 2x week
    1-15=sust 250 2x week
    13,14,15- winny oral

    pct 50mg clomid
    20 mg nolva
    ran for 3 weeks

    Start weight was 175, got up to 210 then remained at 195-198 so gains were decent

    Now to my next cycle heres my plan please feel free to adjust;

    week 1-3 dbol 50 mg ED
    week 1,2 test prop 100mg EOD- idea i picked up from another site help carry me till E kicks in. good idea???
    week 1-15 test enth 200 2xweek {M and T}
    week 15,16 test prop EOD- same point but to carry me over till E clears system
    week 10-16 oral winny 50 mg ED

    Pct consist of nolva, clomid and hcg

    When would be a good week to start hcg and how many IUs. ?

    Have armidex on hand in case of gyno.
    Will also be taking a kidney/liver support- milk thisle... any other suggestions ??

    Diet will be good. High protein and decently high carbs. It will be summer and ill be working 10-12 hour days doing construction landscape.

    Body comp-
    21 years old - i know your too young, your too young, but its my choice im sure many of you have made "not so good choices" before, yourselves.
    8-10% BF

  2. oh and most important point. I want to gain about 15 lbs from this, to be at a steady 210. im looking to cut mostly ,but not too intense.

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