test e / deca cycle

  1. test e / deca cycle

    Come January I'm planning on starting.
    week 1-10 deca 350 mg/week
    week 1-15 test e 500 mg/week
    week 17 nolva 40 mg
    week 18 nolva 30 mg
    week 19 nolva 20 mg
    week 20 nolva 10 mg
    I also have plenty of letro and 950 mg clomid. I've run 2 cycles before and seem to be prone to gyno.

    Couple questions I have are should I run the test e 14 weeks and front load it with 1000 mg the first week? Is there enough time between my deca and pct that it's ok to use nolva (I have 950 mg clomid on hand) Last question is, I can't get any hcg so is it still safe to use the deca and have a 15 week cycle?


  2. You might want to get some bromo or caber with the Deca. However, some say that if you keep estrogen low enough you won't get the progestin sides that Deca can cause. I would try to get some HcG especially since Deca is known for serious shut down. With your layout and PCT plan you "should" be OK without it. I would just worry about the gyno chances with Deca.

  3. Ive read that as long as your taking test with your deca you shouldnt have those gyno effects, more if you were on deca alone. Any info on that? Seems there are two sides and two points of view on the matter.

  4. Is the letro enough by itself to keep the gyno from deca away? Because I'd rather stay away from the caber after reading about the possible heart side effects. That's why I have the letro, I'm not all that worried about bloating.



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