Nodda M-Drol Log Phatboy or FATBOY?

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  1. Nodda M-Drol Log Phatboy or FATBOY?


    This will save you some time reading, I gained about 10lbs from this cycle, in week 2.5 or so I got an inguinal strain, I though this pain was caused by Shutdown but it wasnt. The pain was so bad in my balls that I ended my cycle early. If I knew it was a strain I may have kept going and just worked my upper body to finish my cycle. I took 4 weeks off from the gym to recover after this but I still have the +10lbs on me.
    The strength gains were so great from SD that I was up 50lbs on every exercise in the first week, this is why I got hurt, I wasnt checking myself and being safe. (Beware of this)
    I have since pulsed the rest of my M-drol and loved it.
    Sides were High BP and Rage.
    Morning Folks,
    Another M-Drol log, I will post before pictures tonight.
    35yrs/5'7"/165lb bf14%
    Breif history;
    I shed some weight last month but didnt like being skinny so I started adding weight this month. I got some chubs on me but I felt scrawny before. Whats the point in seeing stomach muscles if you look like yur starving to death.
    Have worked out my whole life just took some breaks.
    Quit drinking 3 months ago.
    Hitting hard for the passed 8 months>? But have been at the gyme solid for about 1.5 years since last serious run.

    Did andro in the 90's. Didnt know ab out pcts and had no porblems. But I was in my 20's. (Then Mcquire got it bnanned )

    So This will be my first PH.

    I have been planning this cycle for a month or so. I got all the equiptment on hand to get me through my pct. I 'm one week preloaded on cycle assist. (is this dumb what will 2 weeks do?)

    I was going to keep the cycle low but I'll see what happens with the first week. 10/10/10 if its going good I'll 10/20/20 (not interested in the 4th week)

    I 'm not a huge guy so I will start at about 3k including alot of Oatmeal Peanut butter will be my best friend and eggwhites. I will be surrounded by boxes of cereal all day and try to eat every 2 hours at least.
    Protein; trying for 200g a day.
    Carbs, unsure (HUGE)
    Fat; unsure (suggestion s welcome)

    Ok couple questions for you Pro's.

    -When should I dose on the first week? 10mg before workout or in the morning regardless? I work out after work around 4-7pm.

    -How late can I take m-drol? (will it interfere with my nigh time nat test)?

    -What should I expect on the first pill? ( All I have read says I will experience hardness and pumps the first day)

    -Should I take any supps with the cycle?(Most of what I read says first timers should keep it solo to keep an eye on it)


    -How do I deal with Lethargia? EAT? or is there a supp I should add?

    -My workout; I want to do 6 days a week maybe 2 times on certain days. Is this dumb (overkill)? I plan on eating alot and killing it in the gym. Should be modest in the gym or is LBs gain directly dependant on workout? (I don't want to hurt my joints with strength gains.)

    I think thats it. Heres my dosing so far.

    (Subject to change)

    cycle assist for the duration 1 week prior

    M-drol 10/10/10
    Taurine (How do I dose this???)
    Fishoil 6 caps 3x a day 6,000g total.
    Multivitamin 1x a day i will nix all the other viatimins on cycle.
    Muscle Milk alot...

    Tamoxifen Citrate 30/20/10/10
    If cycle goes well and I switch to 10/20/20 I will sqwitch pct to 40/30/20/20

    EST Test DRIVE 0/RD/RD/RD Need help on this one Should I dose what the bottle says?

    DHEA Starting week 2 RD or more? 400mg?

    Cycle assist

    Creatine like crazy starting week 1 PCT

    Add preworkout mix to keep my energy up? (suggest please)

    Lastly. I havent seen many pics of people after M-Drol. Is this going to make me a big fatty for summer? If its bad I'll go with the h-drol I hqave been storing. But I want to put on and keep a solid 10 lbs that I keep. If this means m-drol 15 lose 5 keep 10 thats my plan.

    Ok thats it. I hope to have some support from you guys. I am going to mass then I will take my first dose of M-Drol at 12 noon. Workout will be about 2pm. Any recomendations on today?

    I'll post some before pictures when I get back. And keep pics as I go.

  2. OH!!!! COFFEE!!!
    How do I deal my morning coffee? I don't want to quit coffee but I can keep it to one a day If I have to. Will coffee be very bad?

  3. 1st M-drol at 11:30 am. Up to 1300 calories so far for today. Need another 2k by tonight.
    Will get to the gym before 3pm. Does this matter? Will I have to get to the gym within the 6 hours of M-drol halflife?
    BBL with gym update. Tonight Back and Biceps maybe calves too.

  4. Good workout. Didn't notice a difference in anything today. I did however have a good amount of energy all day. This could be due to all the food. I hate eating this much I feel like a fatty!
    Am I supposed to feel anything from the first day? I have read other people getting hardness of muscles and pumps.
    Going to eat dinner now trying to get 1k out of dinner

  5. taurine 5-6g if you need it. I take it all at once. Ive gotten back pumps like 2x in my life
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  6. I would up the cals to around 3500 and protien to 250. As far as how you will feel 1st day i wouldnt expect to much i never notice anything till about 5-6 days in. About that time you will have filled your muscles with water and glycogen and you will start seeing a nice pump. I'm sure you have read this before but make sure you are drinking atleast 4L of water a day.

  7. I've never really had an issue with the back pumps myself. If it starts to pump to bad I take a couple minutes stretch out a little and I'm ready to go. I do get calf pumps bad sometimes though and it will end a workout regardless of taurine.

  8. K awsome. Glad to see some support. Ok I do have an upper back ache today but I think its from my workout. Doesnt feel like a pump.
    Guys its hard to eat this much! Sure I could knock back a bag of chips and a pizza to hit 1k in cals but I'm trying to do it with all good foods. I think I hit 3k I have to count later. I'll up to 3500 tomorrow.

    I have a question that has been nagging me all day. When is the best time to dose M-drol? I have read so much for the passed month its the one thing that slipped by me and I cant find a direct answer for it. Its not a pre work out roid right? Can I take it in the morning and workout at night?

    And thx for the heads up on the water and taurine. I think I'm close to 3 gals h2o today. today.

  9. I'm reading all this stuff about "Delayed Gyno" from m-drol. Does anyone know how common this is? Supposedly 4 months after a cycle it can happen. I'll get some clomid to keep on hand in case of that but how do we avoid this?

  10. i dont realy beleive in rebound / delayed gyno. never had a problem w/ it, not yet and hopefully never.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  11. Quote Originally Posted by GeekPoop View Post
    i dont realy beleive in rebound / delayed gyno. never had a problem w/ it, not yet and hopefully never.
    K thx for the vote of confidence.

  12. Hey how do you guys feel about Muscle Mass shakes to help with my calories? Can I use a ****load of them or do my cals need to be mostly real food?

  13. I always end up using a weight gainer shake when I'm in a bulk. Always try and get it from real food but its a real ***** when doing it clean like your wanting. If you can keep it around 3k like you did today and add in 1 weight gainer shake in place of a reg whey you have more than hit your 3500 goal. As far as delayed gyno don't let the though of it eat at you. It does happen but not often. Just keep some clomid on hand incase. As far as the dosing it when in the loading phase i normally do it about 3 hours after i wake up. Soon Unreal will be in your log and he is the SD master. If you haven't read his guide to superdrol it will give you a better idea about the effects of the compound.

  14. Yeah his guide was my home page for a little while LOL. I still refer to it.
    Thanks man. Off to work. I work outside all day and it will be a hot one. I'm going to try to find something for energy that doesnt raise my bp for preworkout.

  15. Haven't used SD yet but with the half life being ~6 hrs then hitting the gym 3hrs post dosing would be optimal.

    Question about your dosing. I read your other thread about the low dose run 5/5/5/5 and was actually interested to see how this panned out. Why the change? Was it the associated work with splitting and recapsuling the compound?

    I try to get in 3 solid meals everyday of real food; the rest is supplemental shakes and the like. Anymore than that and I'm just to damn bloated; probably due to just a slowing of the system at this point in time lol. Still get results though, just have to stay on top of it. Subbed

  16. When do you go to the gym? I started going in the morning recently, I wake up, eat some oats and pb, hit the gym and have a whey shake and then a bit later some eggs and wheat toast. i try to eat as much whole food as possible, and supplement the protein i dont get from whole food

    if you want to "bulk" with gainer shakes... make them yourself. Skip out on the extra maltodextrin and use simple ingredients.

    2 scoops protein - 40-60 grams protein, 200-300 calories (all depending on brand)
    1 cup milk - 100 calories 8 grams protein (2%), 2 grams fat
    1 cup oats - 300 calories, 10 grams protein, 50 grams carbs, 2 grams fat
    2 tsbp natty pb- about 200 cals, 8 grams protein, 15 or so grams fats

    its a lot to drink but you're hitting up complex carbs, fats and protein. If you wanna add in a medium to large banana, it adds 200 cals, simple carbs and a nice bit of potassium. should help with cramps/pumps if you get any.

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  17. Duke66, yeah I was thinking ti would be hard to seperate the damn capsules and have to worry about makking sure it was mixed good enough.

    I have never eaten this much food in my life. Propably the reason I have been hitting the gym so long and never got over 175. I was 195 when I did andro in my 20's but that was a long time ago.
    today I took M-DROL at 9 am. Food break basicly. So that means its out of my sysytem? I wasnt sure if that mattered. Is M-drol a prework out streroid? If so I'll start taking it at 2pm or so. Im just worried about it suppressing my night time natural test flow. Lemme know what ya think.

    I was wondering about going to the gym in the morning. I go after work anywhere from 4pm to 7pm. I had read it is hard to go to the gym at 5 am because you only have one meal in you before you get there. I was afraid I wouldnt be able to eat enough to get energy into me for the 5 am workout. How is it going for you? I'll make that m,ass shake it looks like a good idea.

    Food Today was
    Bfast: 1 Waffle Peanut Butter and Jelly
    16 oz OJ with 1/4 cup eggwhites
    Snack:2.5 svng Tuna in water, 1/2 Bag of Saltines, 2 Bananna's,1 svng Roasted peanuts,1 svng Peanut Butter
    Snack2: 8oz OJ, 1/4cup eggwhites,1svng Peanuts

    Lunch:2.5 svngs tuna/water, 1 whole can Black beans Rinsed (3.5 svngs), 3 svngs PeanutButter,1 Slice think whole grain oats bread, Oj 8oz, Egg whites 1/4 cup,

    Snack3: OJ 16oz, Eggwhites 1/2 Cup, 1 Slice Wholegrain Bread, 1 svng Peanutbutter

    I need to count the calories and se how I did. Anything in there you think I should get rid of or am I missing?

    Thanks a **** load guys.

  18. YES! I added calories I'm up to 3356 roughly for the day. And I still have dinner. The Orange Juice got me up there about 960 cals. How do these cals look to you guys?
    OMG my protein is only at 123.5g how can this be!?!?! Holy **** I need some shakes. I need more protein packed food. I still have dinner to save this ****.

  19. if i go in the morning the only thing i worry about is getting in some fats to help absorption of my sd, and complex carbs maybe a piece of fruit like a banana for a spike in energy. i drink creatine/beta alanine in bulk, no flavor just wash it down and bam i head for the gym. i usually stretch for a good 10 minutes upon arriving, fill my water jug up, walk around for 5 minutes then hit it up. energy is usually great as long as you sleep good

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

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  20. dosing doesn't matter so much, I think i address it in my guide, I like to dose pre-WO but if you work out in the evenings then I dose earlier... I'd still try to dose within at least 4-5 hours of the workout. But in the long run i don't think it matters that much.

    Delayed gyno, i address that in my guide.

    Is Mdrol going to make you a fatty for summer? Well at 18% you're not exactly thin to start with... Mdrol will have variable effects depending on your diet, as I've gotten bloated on high carbs and lean on low carbs. Again, this is all addressed in the guide.

    Diet, diet diet... u should have this all figured out before doing any cycle. You should be hitting 200g of protein a day at the absolute minimum. Aim for 250 instead. 1000 calories from orange juice? That's mostly sugar. This diet needs serious overhauling. There's way too much carbs and fat and not enough protein. A waffle with peanut butter and jelly has hardly any protein just tons of starchy carbs, sugar, and fat. I counted 8 servings of peanuts or peanut butter that's too much fat, and too much mixing of carbs and fat. I try to separate carbs and fat a bit more than that. But the primary component of every meal should be protein. Six meals a day, each one with 40g of protein, is about what you want.
    I would just toss out the bananas, saltines, waffles... Simple carbs are fine pre-WO and post-WO but not when they're hours and hours away from the workout. More oats, brown rice/pasta imo.

    Honestly I think you should have gotten down to around 12% bodyfat then gotten your weight back over 160 before running this cycle. But since you are running it already focus on dialing in your diet as tight as possible. It's hard to get the protein so high that's why I do 2 shakes a day that's 100g of protein right there almost 1/3 of my daily intake. And then lots of meat... It's almost impossible to have too much meat.

    Ok this all sounds critical but hopefully this will help you out.
    Mostly answered PM's
    Don't post on my profile, I don't read that stuff, PM me instead
    <------ Hard to believe, but I wasn't on any anabolics in the avatar shot

  21. Yeah my fat was really hi today. Obviously I'm clueless about diet. I'll make a serious overhaul tomorrow. I'll start with a ****load of eggwhites for breakfast. I think im too focused on getting the calories as opposed to the stuff im eating. Time to go read more.
    I think I'll pick up a couple rotisary chickens.

    I'll switch the OJ to Milk tomorrow. More eggwhites and more tuna. I got protein powder tonight and used it to get me over 200g with 1 50g shake. I'll focus more on protein and let the calories consist of more whole grain stuff. I'm cooking brown rice as we speak.

  22. the only time i have OJ is in my breakfast from time to time, because i am now eating breakfast post workout. and on cheat days. ***damn i love OJ but it is waaayy to high on the glycemic index when trying to stay lean (considering you're supposed to be hitting a caloric surplus).. Listen to Unreal. He knows his sh1t.. and for diet.. Well everyone is different but what he said is a very basic outline. I buy whole grain bread that happens to have high fiber AND substancial protein (5 g per slice.. thats 5g protein and 20 grams complex carbs...GOOD)

    Try using this is how i tweaked my diet to where it should be

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

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  23. Ok great thx SC. Its only day 3 of my cycle I think I can salvage it. Today I have brown rice cooked and whole grain pasta. I am going to try to keep my fat in check today. Off to work, another hot one. Man I'm beat this morning.

  24. dude one of the easiest ways to keep your diet in check is to cook ahead of time and heat up as you eat. for example buy meat in bulk and cook all of it, and eat it over the next few days.. works wonders and all youll need is a microwave

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  25. I'm def going to have to start cooking ahead. Making 10 chicken breasts all at once. Make a crap load of tuna salad. This way it's easier eating 6-7 meals. I def need to buy more oats too.

    Nothingman keep up the good work. Just need to tweak ur macros bro. Buying my stuff soon can't wait.


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