Blood Work Results

  1. Blood Work Results

    I cycled M1T for the first time at 20mg progressing up to 50mg over 4 weeks. I followed with a 3 week post cycle consisting of nolva. After a full 6 weeks from the completion of my first cycle I cycled M1T for the second time at ~35mg for 4 weeks. I again followed with a 3 week post cycle consisting of nolva. At 4 weeks post cycle I had this blood work performed.

    My liver protection was 2g of NAC and 1g Milk Thistle, both during and post cycle.

    I had the following liver blood work performed:

    GGT -- Gamma glutamyl transpeptidase
    Comprehensive Metabolic Panel -- Albumin, alkaline phosphatase, ALT, AST, Bilirubin (total), calcium, carbon dioxide, chloride, creatinine, glucose, potassium, protein (total), sodium, urea nitrogen (BUN)

    These are the test result:

    Sodium....140....136-146 MEQ/L
    Potassium....4.0......3.6-5.2 MEQ/L
    Chloride....105....98-109 MEQ/L
    Glucose....87...60-109 MG/DL
    Calcium....9.3....8.5-10.5 MG/DL
    BUN...25*....<23 MG/DL
    Creatinine....0.9.....<1.5 MG/DL
    TBIL......0.9....2-1.3 MG/DL
    AST....15.....<45 U/L
    ALT....22.....<45 U/L
    GGT....24.....<75 U/L
    Alk/Phos....65....40-125 U/L
    Total Protein....7.1....6.3-7.8 G/DL
    Albumin....4.4....3.7-5.2 G/DL
    Globulin....2.4....1.8-3.5 G/DL
    A/G Ratio....1.6....1-2.5
    Bicarbonate....24....21-30 MEQ/L

    * This slightly higher value has many many causes. All my research has shown me that this is very certainly due to excessive protein consumption and the possibility of slight dehydration. Not to mention excercise induced protein synthesis. Low BUN is a greater worry. So, no worries.

    ** The ratio is skewed a bit as the creatinine value is within the normal range. Again, no worries.

    Considering that ALL other values are very nicely within the normal ranges, I feel strongly that all is well with my liver function.

    Drinks are ON THE HOUSE!!!
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  2. Nice post. Thanks.

  3. Very informative post..thanks for sharing your results.

  4. Good to know.
    Congrats on your results!

  5. Thanks a lot for all the kind words.

    Some informative feedback from my home board:
    Quote Originally Posted by ergoman500,Apr 5 2004, 02:19 PM
    The only thing I noticed is that after spending 3 hours looking for SOMETHING to be wrong with your blood-results :wacko: - was that nolva sometimes can elevate the BUN/CREATININE ratio - occasionally.

    Everything is EXCELLENT otherwise, and I see no reason for concern and congratulate you on your healthy blood chemistry readings!!!!

  6. Congrats, b.

    Thanks for the results.

  7. great post......thanks for sharing.

  8. Just wondering b5150 - those are some upper level dosages of m1t ... I was just wondering what your gains were like(?) I had good gains on 20mg/D for just a 2 week cycle and several have reported decent gains at even loser doses. As far as blood work goes, the m1t didn't jack-up your liver values ... but was taking the extra mg's it worth it? Or do you think could you have gotten the same results at lower dosages?

  9. The first cycle was at the end of a ~2-3 weeks on and ~2-3 weeks off cycle of trans 1T. I Did two on and two off, I proceded to do the third on (was about 15 days total, ran out of transdermal) and followed with the M1T for ~28-30 days. I can't recall exactly what my gains were from the start of the M1T portion of that cycle period. I gained 28lbs over the whole period, with what I believe was maybe 6 more coming from the M1T. There are a lot of things to consider when gaging the effectiveness with that sort of scenario.

    I progressed weekly up to that amount, with (if I recall correctly) a week+ at 20mg, and saw not much compared to ~400mg trans 1T. When I jumped to 30mg I felt as I was aproaching about the equivalent to the of ~400mg trans, so I remained there for a week. I then bumped to 40mg the next week and it really got kicking. I was at like 25lbs heavier (a bit fatter) and the vascularity in my arms, delts was very impressive. Even noticed some in my tri's and lats. I stayed there for a while (can't remember how long) and bumped it to 50mg just so I could finish up the bottle in the ~4weeks. Honestly 40-50 was pushing it. I have a log somewhere over at AL, but I'll have to drudge it up, or you could do a search over there. I'll paste it here if/when I find it.

    My second cycle was flat out ~35mg (home brew) for 30 days. I started at ~207-208lbs and I added about 6-7 lbs and lost an inch off my waist at 10x bw calories.

    For me ~35mg work just fine. Could I get results with less, maybe, probably. Similar results, I don't know.


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