cutting cycle

  1. cutting cycle

    Can you guys help me with a cutting cycle together.
    I want to us Fina & ECA Stac with something. I want to be ripp
    stat 5'10
    weight: 180
    am on my bulking cycle
    fina & dbol. am loving it so far

  2. Depends a lot on ow much you're looking to lose and what your diet is going to look like. UA is a fine selection with an ECA.

  3. No test with that fina and dbol on ur bulk?  Why not? 

  4. Cutting cycle:
    Test prop, fina, winny and clen.

    You will get shredded and gain some muscle while you are at it.

    Remember though that getting cut is more about diet and cardio than anything else. also take time off between cutting and bulking, do not run one into the other.

  5. Well, let me start by telling you, testosterone should be a basis/foundation of any cycle you take.

    Size beat me to it again!!!!!!! His exact cycle was perfect. This is one of the best cutters you can do.

    Now, I'm taking my Answers and I'm going to another board, becasue Size keeps taking the words right outta my mouth (lol)




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