Test and deca cycle?

  1. Test and deca cycle?

    OK, can someone just tell me the best test e and deca cycle to run, and what PCT to run with it?

  2. define "best"
    Mostly answered PM's
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  3. you need to do alot of research...remember this stuff is going in your body and can cause serious harm if you dont know what your doing or if you are not ready for them..

    please dont take the first persons advice and run with it...this is something that should be planned and well thought out for your first time..

    i will help you as best as i can....

    please post your stats and we can better asist you..

    training expierence
    cycle expierence

  4. Thanx lex, im trying to lern as much as possible before i start,i used this cycle once before (a year ago) and did no reserch before and did it all wrong i didnt even know what pct was so i didnt use any, i didnt get any sides but ther is no telling what could happen a second time so i want some more info before starting.
    Training:in the gym since high school but not highly expierenced, good knowledege tho.
    cylcles: once before deca and test e for ten weeks

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