PH stack suggestions

  1. PH stack suggestions

    Hey all-

    Current Stats:
    10-12% BF
    22 years old

    I've come a long way in the past year... I had always lifted in the past, but I slowly slipped into a fat lazy state while in college lol. I came home from school last Summer overweight at 215lbs. Since then I have gone to the gym 5 days a week, lifting heavy weights at low reps (max ot style training), while installing cardio at least 3 days a week with a solid, clean, diet. Since I've started my dedicated gymrat lifestyle I've cut down to a lean 164lbs, then bulked up to 188lbs, over the Winter, and now this Summer have cut back down to 178lbs (leaner than before). While bulking I successfully completed a 4 week cycle of Epistane (20/30/40/40) with correct support supps and PCT. I had great results (gained 12 lbs).

    Now that I have that valuable first cycle experience under my belt I'm looking to start another cycle or two between now and Winter. I'm interested in stepping it up a small notch and try stacking 2 PHs. I've seen a couple suggestions such as epi/havoc with bold, or hdrol and epi. I'm just looking for something to take it to the next level. Any shared experiences or suggestions would be great. I'm not opposed to wet gaining cycles, but in the end I'd like to stay relatively dry and lean (I know it's a give and take marathon process lol). I'm continuing my research everyday, so anything you give me I'll be sure to read up on. Sorry for the book. But I like to be thorough and do things the correct/safe way. Thanks again!

  2. I've heard that a stack of Cyclo Bolan by Infinite Labs with Propadrol can be quite good. The Propadrol is metabolised rapidly so gives quick gains while the Cyclo Bolan gives a more sustained release. Both are relatively dry as far as I'm aware, but I'm still researching.

    Haven't stacked these yet myself, currently on Cyclo Bolan, only 1 week in but seems good so far.

    I'm sure this probably isn't the best stack but maybe one to try for a 1st time? I've set up a thread myself asking what the best PH is so I'll keep an eye on this thread with interest.

  3. I would say wait till after u have a few more cycles to stack. Plus this way u can find out which compounds work best for U.
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    checkout some AMS products:

    various stacks are laid out here:

  5. I'd run hdrol solo, then stack them later. You'll get good gains from solo runs as well.

  6. i'd probably run hdrol by itself during my cut before next summer since it's great for that.. if i run something solo it'd probably be a 5-6 week cycle of havoc, just to see my personal differences between that and epi, or SD. i'm still interested in some basic stacks. i understand why i should know what each compound does to my body first before stacking, but i'd like some possibilities for the future. thanks guys.

  7. Because u could react great to a stack and not know if it was compound A or B. Then there is worst case scenario something bad happens which deters u from using either compound again and it was only 1 of them.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by jbebsportz2 View Post
    i understand why i should know what each compound does to my body first before stacking
    I know, that's why i said this lol

  9. Quote Originally Posted by jbebsportz2 View Post
    I know, that's why i said this lol
    Lol I know I just felt like beating a dead horse.

  10. like stated above. if you start using ph's individualy you can find out what works well for you and than later on you can stack those products that worked for you individually and get some wicked results off of them. my first ph ever was phera. and i gained 13 lbs off of it. its about a year later and im about to run it again and i know i respond very well to it due to running it solo in the past. im now going to be stacking it and im stoked cause i know it works for me!

  11. fair enough! i want to give havoc, hdrol, and SD all a try. ill expect about the same results i got with the epi while on havoc. but who knows. i'd love a pleasant surprise. travis, did you have any sides while on phera, like cramping? i know everyone is different, just curious. i only ever experienced some back pumps while on epi.

  12. If you want something a little harder run a 3 or 4 weeker of SD solo. should kick you harder then Epi (both in the ass and in the nuts). This is what I plan on doing once I have a little more experience.

  13. i respond very well to phera and had absolutly no sides besides some acne and oily skin. besides that it was all gains. it did make me bloat a very little bit but i dont consider that a side. thats just what some products do. phera is a very very solid ph imo.


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