first time cycle help?

  1. first time cycle help?

    ok guys im new to the whole PH thing and i have some questions..
    how would Bold 200 work?
    what would i use for PCT?? reversitol?
    and could i pulse this working out 4 days a week for about 3 weeks?
    thanks guys.

  2. i suggest a second look at ur diet and naturally putting on more weight first

  3. alright man. will do. but when i do decide to start a cycle how would this one look?

  4. way too weak, probably wont get much of anything out of it. bold 200 is a waste of a supplement unless run @ 800mg ed for ~8 weeks.

    Hdrol is a better bet. strong, but definitely one of the milder ones

  5. im just worried bout side effects and wanna start off real mild.. its my first one and i dont wanna **** anything up..
    would hdrol be ok to pulse?



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