P/H advice for contests

  1. P/H advice for contests

    i am on track with my diet for my second show in july. But AAS are have become hard to get here in my area. And so I was wondering if any of you old school Gurus out their could give me some advice on p/h stack to get me some of the results I would get from the real. I can tweek my diet as much as i can to to make weight. current stats 10bf /220lbs 5'7 at my best shape and condition around 187lbs , no loose skin being my normal weight is 250lbs , Iam just a camel when it comes to water retention, Dandlion root and nolvadex does the trick. But i will need a test bump later to fill back up and burn the inter muscle fat. Any advice will help........

  2. did i post this in the worng fourm?????????

  3. I think you got much more limited options, but let me start by asking what you'd normally run leading up to contest?

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