Green Going Lean with New Protocols and Finaflex Epi-V

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    I love me some EPI-V I sure hope they reformulate it. Drop the DMAA and add in Methyl Synephrine, maybe some of that snazzy DHB in the new 1-Alpha and maybe a small increase to the epi-andro and boom talk about the next generation!
    Yeah I'm with you. I would be all for them dropping stimulants all together and adding some some epi with the costs saved from cutting out the stimulants and some DHB would be a nice addition as well. Caffeine, grean tea, and dandelion are cheap and not everyone wants to take those in addition to a hormonal product. If they want to keep a fat burning complex make it non-stim or something.

  2. Wtf happened bro where u at?

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