1. Deca

    Looking to add deca to the last 5 weeks of my test 500 cycle. Any suggestions on dosage for max gains?

  2. 0mg

    Five weeks is useless.

    12, 16 to 20 weeks is how you use deca

  3. Well damn guess I'll have to wait till next cycle then

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Dds852000 View Post
    Well damn guess I'll have to wait till next cycle then
    I would.. just make sure you have enough to run for 12 weeks and just let the meat grow

  5. Why use Deca, it's a lil late? Just curious, not being a jerk.

  6. Deca D is long estered. Typically I feel it kick in at week 6 or so. 5 week run is not gonna be productive. I like to run it at least 12 weeks or more. You can get a short estered version. 5 weeks of that would work. I'm sure if you do your homework,you could find it.

  7. Yes the deca I'm getting is short estered and I'm going to run it the last 5 weeks of my cycle. A few guys in my gym run it the same way and keep 90 to 100 percent of their gains during and after pct

  8. Sounds good bro! I was trying to push you in the direction of learning your esters! Need to know all those,and half life's. Not trying be a dick. Just get ya moving in right direction!

  9. Thank you I appreciate it. I've done so much reading on different cycles and how they can affect you. I gotta say I didn't expect everything to be so complex. Lol

  10. Wait...✋...

    Lets clarify a couple things...

    First...Deca cannot be fast....its decanate.

    Second... "Deca" is a slang term used when referring to Nandrolone Decanate.

    Third...if you are referring to what I think you are referring mean Nandrolone Phynlpropionate or NPP for short.

    As far as what to do? Take the advice of my high school football coach and "keep it simple, stupid".

    Novice aas use should consist of test e or c 4, 5, or 600mg with maybe nandro decanate 4 or 500mg 12 to 14 weeks...pushing it you can add dbol...



  11. So 500 and 500 would be a good 12 week run?

  12. 500 test e 400 npp

  13. ND is pointless this far into cycle

  14. Test cyp and deca

  15. I'm talking about running both for 12 weeks. I've already decided not to run it in the end of my first cycle. I was told 500 test c and 200 nd. But then also told not to run the 2 together from 2 different friends who have been on steroids for years.

  16. Cyp 500 ND 400 imo...200 is low

  17. There is nothing wrong with those two ran together...

    Either do test c 500mg


    Test c 500 + ND 400

    Or listen to your friends...

    Your choice

  18. I doubt any person on here would suggest you run ND and not some type of test at the same time...

  19. Well they say opposite of each other lol. I think I'm gonna run the 5 and 4 like you said. I have 4 months to decide what I want to run next. So plenty of time to look into it. Appreciate the help by the way

  20. Sure np...please do take this time to learn as much as you can...there is alot of good information here. Pointer...find credible source information and study all you can. Not just forum opinions...that info can range from good to bad and is perspective based and is subjective.

  21. Ok so o went with 250mg test every 3 days and 300mg deca split on Sunday and Thursday. I feel like I should up my test though cuz I don't feel as energized as I did on my first cycle. I'm one month in. Any suggestions? Stay with 250 every 3 days or go up on test?

  22. Just find some NPP and you will be Gucci for 5-6 weeks. Def will give u a quick blast.


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