anavar pct.

  1. anavar pct.

    I am about to start a 6week 50mg/d cycle of anavar. I received
    1xAnavar 50mg x 60 tabs -British Dragon
    1xTamoxifen 30x20mg tabs
    In the cycle package I'm just wondering how I should take the tamox any advice will be appreciated

  2. It really depends how much anavar shuts you down. If you search the net you will see people who have done a 6-8 cycle say their libido is still normal, they have no shrinkage and don't do a PCT. Others say that after 4 weeks or so they notice a hit to their libido and there is some shrinkage.

    Without bloodwork there really isn't any way to know exactly how much anavar has affected you but you could do 40/20/20 or 20/20/20/20.

  3. In my experience any anavar claiming to be British dragon is usually fake. I would always run pct tho and 50mg is very low you can run 100mg for better results

  4. It's 100% real. I am 21 and 20%bf at 6'1 and 240.1pounds I'm thinking I should wait until I get down to atleast 15%?

  5. I would wait till under 15 u will really experience the full effect of anavar then

  6. Thanks for advice gymrat!! Most forums just slate any person that doesn't know 100% lol


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