Advice pleaes test well below my last blood test range

  1. Advice pleaes test well below my last blood test range

    I recently have had 2 blood tests to check my Free Test and Total test. The first test I had a total Test number of 280 and free of .87 the second test that I took first thing in the morning a week later was lower at 257 and .57. Just 2 years ago my total number was at 660. I ran a d-bol, test, eq cycle over the summer and ran clomid afterwards (might of been bunk). It has been close to 4 months since my last injection and i am no where near my old levels.

    I recently went to my doc and he is already suggesting TRT I do not want that! Any advise to restart my HPTA or should i just wait it out longer. My doctor does not know much about clomid or HCG and would not perscribe.

    Does anyone know what the typical time frame is to get my test levels closer to my normal range? Or any advice on ways to help boost T levels.

    I am 30 years old about 6 foot 1 210 lbs. I still have decent lifts at the gym.

  2. You could try running a SERM for 4-6 weeks. You need to get a larger scale hormone panel done, btw. Total and free test just tells you the symptom, but not what is causing it. Our Testosterone Replacement Stack could work as well. There's also HCG and triptorelin you can look into.

    Bottom line you need more bloodwork.
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  3. i am thinking of buying your TESTOSTERONE RECOVERY STACK would there be any downside to running 5 weeks of nolva with it? i just started taking 20mg the other day .....

  4. I'd go through the effort and expense of getting pharmaceutical clomid rather than bothering with the nolva. That way you know its genuine, and a 4-6 week 50mg/day clomid regimen is often used by TRT doctors as part of a restart protocol.

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