currentlyy on LG Trifecta stack

  1. currentlyy on LG Trifecta stack

    In the pic w/ my iphone it was taking yesterday after my 3rd day on trifecta stack.... I know I will not see gains till like my second or third week, but I just want to show you my progress. Current weight is 165. My avatar pic was taking 2 weeks ago and I weighed 170. 4 months ago I was at 180

    I'm 5'6...

    What do you guys think on how I will look after I complete my 6 week cycle?
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  2. Depends on your diet bro! keep it clean and lean and youll be fine. What im doing now is 4oz chicken+ brwn rice every 2 hours.

    thats 140g protein in meals a day + 3 protein shakes = 210gs roughly and thats without counting the protein in my other supplments. and thisi s taking in low cals and carbs! but watch what you eat !

  3. bro I eat like 200 grams clean.... 10 eggs in the morning 2 wit yolk, ham and bread.... then chicken and more chicken.... then 52 grams o proten shake... hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds,.. salmon tuna... fruits... clean clean...
    yes I do have one cheat day... I'm human too ;-)

  4. Gotta have a cheat meal for sure!

    As far as how you will look, i dont know much about the trifecta stack but i think ive heard its decent.

  5. well I was 180 few months ago, but that was all in my belly before I started working out again... I box to so that help with my weight loss.. I decided I wanna hit 190 lbs... just be one stocky ass dude...

  6. I hate trifecta stack.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by animal00043 View Post
    I hate trifecta stack.
    Tell us how you really feel.

    OP, How's the progress been?

  8. Depending on diet I would expect to see exceptional gains in hardness and muscle density as well as some fat loss.

  9. Any update?


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