cycle help!!!

  1. cycle help!!!

    hi guys just want to know could i cycle 1-ad with hemogen 50

  2. The first question one would ask is how old are you and what your history is. But, aside from that, according to what the manufacturer says its superdrol + halodrol 50. Iím a little suspicious of such a claim. Anyway, my opinion is no for a lot of reasons.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by micka5444 View Post
    hi guys just want to know could i cycle 1-ad with hemogen 50
    People......PLEASE LEARN TO READ!!!!! THIS IS THE SECOND TIME IN A SHORT PERIOD, THAT I AM WRITING TO SOMEONE IN THIS "PHERAMONES" [B]NOT[B] "PROHORMONES"!!! TOTALLY WRONG SECTION FOR THE QUESTION! And like the above poster started stating, you have to give a bit more of info before someone is going to help you out with this type of question. MY opinion from what i have gathered thus far, are not very experienced in this department(hormonal supps), and have not educated your self on the subject enough. Not flaming you bro, but just want you to KNOW what you are doing, BEFORE you start to do it!

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