Eq and anxiety

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  1. Thanks bro ya I'm not emotional just maybe a little paranoid could all be in my head tho, never tried masteron used superdrol kinda similiar they say. yea man I lowered the doses and feel better already its probably from the high RBC'S makes me feel like a RACEHORSE!!!!pun intended i love eq because oh the slow solid gains and waaay less sides than deca.

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    Eq at 200mg a week gave me horrific anxiety, and because of the long half life I had to suffer through it as it slowly left my system, i literally gave away 60ml's of the stuff to a buddy as i never want to touch the stuff again. Alot of steroids will effect the brain, dianabol boosts serotonin, tren lowers serotonin etc.
    the only anxiety you should have felt was wasting 200mg of EQ a week. 200mg EQ/wk? lol?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. hahahah what a douch

  4. So it's not as bad as Deca? I know Deca has prolactin sides but apart from high estrogen levels, progesterone-binding steroids cannot cause prolactin increases unless your thyroid is low (which steroids are known for suppressing). I recently learned that prolactin can never be elevated without the presence of enough estrogen and/or a supressed thyroid system. That's why Tren gives people such bad prolactin sides because people try and run high testosterone with it to counteract the sides but in reality the high test levels cause high estrogen and the Tren suppresses thyroid hormones which further increases prolactin levels. I didn't think Deca at a modest dose of 300-400mg/week would cause this.

    Anyone have any thoughts on low dose Deca versus a high dose EQ? I liked EQ ok but I have to run it so high to get results. I wanted to consider Deca next winter in its place. Something like a 2:1:1 ratio of Test, Deca and Mast...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast

    the only anxiety you should have felt was wasting 200mg of EQ a week. 200mg EQ/wk? lol?
    I was starting low to test the waters then i was going to ramp up from their, i also like to use as little gear as possible and rely more on quality food

  6. Quote Originally Posted by davidq
    hahahah what a douch
    Who was this directed at?


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