thought id stick my next cycle... not sure if il log it yet..might do if i get the time..

took a break off everything for 6 weeks after a good cycle, so going to run this from the 28th of jan.. some clean mass..

my diet is perfect..i compete in i know my diet and timing to a tee that works for me. there are 2 orals...but don't want anyone panicking liver will be fine, toxicity is over stated, iv done it before with panels..never drunk, don't smoke... anyway..

week 1-5 dbol, 30mg...mite taper dbol..because i have plenty..and do week 6 7 8 at 20 20 10

week 2 - 12 sustanon 300mg on a monday
week 2 - 12 test prop 100mg wed,friday,sunday
week 4- 12 tren ace 75mg, wed,fri,sunday
week 4-12 masteron 75mg, wed,fri,sunday
week 5-12 winstrol (oral) 50mg ed

have my ancillaries if needed, some arimidex and letro, nolva will be pct, dont like clomid.

should be good