Haemoblobin level high high high!!

  1. Haemoblobin level high high high!!

    Heyy! Umm. My mom's hameoglobin level's pretty high nowadays. So i was wondering if there was food that could bring her level down. Keeping in mind she's got anxiety and a high platelet count. She's really scared it might go up again, so she's eating food that even the sick would refuse. ! Plus, she's getting weaker everyday! She's about 45.
    So help me out here you guys.! Can't bear to look at her when she's eating!


  2. Does she smoke and/or is she overweight? There are a lot of things that can cause that. Asprin may help, and I would think donating blood would also help. Has she seen a Doctor about this? What is his diagnosis? I doubt a diet change alone will fix it unless she is really overweight.

  3. Nothing food will do. Have here donate blood and make sure she gets blood rechecked often. When I had high HCT and HMG I ran blood test every 2 weeks. If high I had a phlebotomy done. Now that its under better control I just give blood every 2 months.

    Dont f around with with high hct/hmg. It causes strokes if it gets to high.

  4. If she is chronically high, then this is a condition called polycythemia. This is often times is in response to a chronically low blood O2 content. This sometimes means some sort of gas exchange problem in the lungs. Which may be why she is becoming weaker. You are far better to seek help from your family physician and/or a pulmonologist than to treat this homeopathically. They can point you in the right direction and you're not left guessing.

  5. I see a Oncologist for this. I dont treat it myself.



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