Look at my gyno..

  1. Look at my gyno..

    I can feel hard tissue behind the nipple and surrounding area, it's from puberty, any suggestions on supps to try?
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  2. If you search this site using the terms "gyno and supplement" you'll come up with 159 threads. I would pay particular attention to anything written by Dr.D.

    Best of luck to you.

  3. Surgery.

  4. While there are a few things that may help or reduce the problem, your ultimate solution to the problem is going to be tissue. The problem is, this tissue is a very hard tissue that is not fat and can only be removed with a blade or what not. Good luck. Do some searching, you may find something out there that may help reduce it.

  5. I'd say it looks more like fat but if you are saying that it is hard behind the area then it is more then likely gyno. If its fat it will be the last to go when dieting and if it is true gyno then surgery(w/ gland removal) would be the only way to go..



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