Here is the deal,

I am on day 7 of keto. I have done it before, and I was very successful on it.

After using intermittent fasting as an excuse to BINGE EAT, I want to reverse any insulin problems I may have caused myself, lean out and get healthy with my relationship with food.

So I decided that low carb always made me feel great in the past and I went on a keto diet.

The problem is that I am now

1. Always on my feet at work as a sales person
2. In the 112F/44C temperatures most of the day
3. Drinking upwards of 6+ liters of water a day.

The electrolyte supplementation is killing me. That is the main problem here.

If a regular keto dieter needs upwards of 6-7g potassium and sodium a day, what does a person in that HEAT need?

And that seems to be the problem I am facing, and I am wondering whether or not it would be fitting for me to go to a lower carb but not ketogenic type diet.

Something more like avoiding sugars, and eating during my fasting window my carbs.

Any opinions on this are much appreciated.