Just tried elk.

  1. Just tried elk.

    It was incredible.

    Was just wondering how many of you guys out there make game meat part of your usual diet?
    Does it save much money to go out and kill it yourself?
    Is venison, elk, boar, etc all pretty much equivalent to beef and pork? Nutritionally?

    Just interested in a possible way to save money and add variety to my diet.

  2. I will eat anything with eyes. Lol. I eat venison a lot. Just had boat a month or so ago. I don't hunt but I know plenty of people that do
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  3. Just tried elk.

    I do, and elk is BY FAR my favorite of the wild game meats.

    When I have it, I'll eat a serving a day in some form-steak, jerky, salami, etc.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  4. Boar is great. But I will say I like bison better than elk. And I loooooove ostrich.

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