Can creatine improve mood or is this just placebo?

  1. Can creatine improve mood or is this just placebo?

    It just seems since I've been taking creatine, my mood has increases, is this just all in my head?

  2. You are probably happier `cuz you are able to work harder at the gym?

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  3. Doesn't creatine boost DHT levels cause that could have a positive impact on mood I would think

  4. yea creatine is known to boost DHT by a small amount, and DHT is known as a bit of a mood booster. So it may well be affecting your moods slightly....

  5. Interesting thread.

    On a sort of related note I always felt like I was in a better mood a while back when I was taking testosterone boosters. That being said, if you are doing heaving lifts it is my understanding that your testosterone levels increase. I wonder if it could be attributed to you lifting heavier weight in the gym, and subsequently producing more testosterone.

    Thoughts from anyone smarter than me?

  6. I really don't think the amount that it has in it will change your mood much. Such a small % it probably is just a placebo.


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