Will 10 pound weights help me build any musce/ strength?

  1. Will 10 pound weights help me build any musce/ strength?

    I dont have any other weights in my house except for these 10 pound weights i am a flabby guy and i barley lift weights i lifted with the 10 pound weight about 80 times when i was doing arm curles my muscles felt as if they were past the point of bieng on fire it felt almost like my muscles were squeezing the water out of a spong and it felt kind of good i did this till failure can i expect any results?

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    Im flabby as **** will 10 pound weights help me shred muscle and get cut? Im not trying to bulk up im going into the military and i need to be light and lean and cut will 10 pound weights do it?

  3. Will 10 pound weights get me toned?
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  4. Look into body weight exercises like dips, push ups, pull ups and explosive movements. 10 lbs can get you muscle but body weight is more effective if all you have is 10 lbs.
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  5. What about my biceps? Im wondering can 10 pound weights help build my bicep/ forearms?

  6. Well, any resistance is better than not doing anything at all, but actually #10's, will most likely not do what some sets of BW chins would.
    Heavier resistance (70%-80% of ones 1RM for multi sets reps) is usually needed to elicit the bigger changes in muscles.

  7. Your goal should not be to get "toned"--whatever that means.
    Focus on movements that recruit your large muscle groups--not your "biceps and forearms".
    The other posters have excellent advice: stick to big movements using bodyweight: dips, chins, pullups, pushups

  8. Better off putting that 10lb weight on you back and doing pushups


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