Progression and persistence

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    Great post! I cannot do no carb diets. They don't work. I always lean-ish bulk because I found for me you end up loosing the extra good weight you get dirty bulking when it
    Comes time to cut. Also I'm getting better at dieting for me and can bulk well off a clean diet and stay pretty lean.

    My first post pics I thought I looked great and was so lean. My new pictures show me that I've really made good progress. The further I get the more areas I see need work. I will keep updating every 2-4 weeks to help myself track my progress.
    Hmm I don't think dirty bulking is better than clean bulking IMO Iv'e done both. The misconception here my friend, is that many people think they are bigger than they actually are. They think they have more muscle than they do either because of the scale or how they look with water and fat on them. This all comes with experience and knowledge. Sorry I couldn't help, I've helped many of others but you must be a special case! Good luck with it.

  2. P.S. I never said "No carb" diets. lol i said a guy had me do very low carb my 1st show, then i dropped him and then i gave you my advice. Have fun with it man and hopefully you can achieve your goals.

  3. You have been a huge help. I actually saw a nutritionalist who specialized in contest prep. He had a very old school way of thinking and had me go lower and lower on carbs. To low. I know my body and I had to readjust what I was Doing. Now I am going to just find out for myself what works best for me. You have been a great help. Also I didn't mean to sound like you implied no carbs I was making a general statement just I need carbs to fuel my body. Cutting fat and eating more balances meals works better for me.

  4. Yes I know what your saying, but in general you should be cutting carbs "lower." You wouldn't cut your protein because it's essential to keep repair, and if you up your fats too much thats a no no. Remember the body tends to store dietary fat as fat more so than carbs or protein. "Nutritional specialist" thats what the quack said that I paid $1000 dollars and everyone praised him. Let me tell you, be careful who you trust buddy. Since i won junior nationals (natural) I think i know what I am doing . I am glad i could provide some assistance, make sure to upload some pics of your progress man!!!!!
  5. Nice...

    Nice thread.. very impressive..

  6. I wanted to update. It's been a while. I gave up trying to cut as always.. I lost to much strength. I am now trying to recomp. Really really lean bulk style IF/LG diet ( as always) higher in good carbs and lower fat intake. My strength is really taking off and I am putting some good weight on. I suspect most of my weight is glycogen recovery but I'm getting awesome pumps and crazy work outs. I got all the way down to 176ish. These pics I weighted 187.

    Recent lifts
    Bench 335x3
    Squat(recovering knee injury so held back ) 455x3
    Leg press 1210x 2 ( did leg press in place of squats for a while and maxed out to amuse myself. Stupid with a hurt knee I know)

    I feel my composition is still making progress. And my diet has been clean just carb heavy. I also feel soo much better right now having excess carbs and calories.
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  7. nice good job, 187 in those pics huh... Nevertheless keep on truckin!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by JajaNe20 View Post
    nice good job, 187 in those pics huh... Nevertheless keep on truckin!
    I basically spent the first 5 years or so I lifted bulking. Up to around 210. Took a few cuts, recomps, lean bulks to maintain strength and get lean though

  9. Oh ya I had to re-read your posts your main goal is strength but looking decent at the sametime. For some reason I never truly trained for strength and my lifts say otherwise. I don't understand either, I am like an ecto-meso and I never was a large kid growing up. I'll take it though!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by JajaNe20 View Post
    Oh ya I had to re-read your posts your main goal is strength but looking decent at the sametime. For some reason I never truly trained for strength and my lifts say otherwise. I don't understand either, I am like an ecto-meso and I never was a large kid growing up. I'll take it though!
    Yes my goal is strong and lean. Fit as well. There is nothing like being half the size of some guys at the guy and be like hey can "I work in? Oh no need to drop the weight this is good"

    My goals short term is to get back to were I was. Bench 315 x 5 squat 500 with out knee problems. And snatch my body weight ( for a few reps Ideally). I love weighted pull ups and got a pullup with bw+135lbs. I also do "muscle ups" which is the pull up into a dip. It's like an explosive pull up

  11. Pretty solid numbers, I forgot you don't deadlift either. Fit is always a must, I don't see the use in being big, bloated and fat. Although a few decent young natty compeitiors get fat >17% bodyfat and strong as HeII in the offseason and look good on stage

  12. Quote Originally Posted by JajaNe20 View Post
    Pretty solid numbers, I forgot you don't deadlift either. Fit is always a must, I don't see the use in being big, bloated and fat. Although a few decent young natty compeitiors get fat >17% bodyfat and strong as HeII in the offseason and look good on stage
    Straight leg dl. For ham string focus. I like not having the bulky core. Which ill get flamed for saying. I just don't have anything to brag about with SLDL. Usually 10-12 reps with working up to 315-365 depending on how much energy I have left after squats.

  13. I haven't got a bulky core from deadlifts, sounds like an excuse my man! Lol i guess it has to do with genetics wise and pelvic width and so on yada yada yada. Deadlifts rock and will increase other lifts like mad. I never to straight legs, waist of time in my opinion. To each their own i guess. So is your thread concluded? What's the next plans mang what bodyweight do you want to achieve, or whats the goals number wise for the lifts!?

  14. That whole bulky core thing is know what else will get bulky? Your hams, glutes, back, traps etc etc. I don't know any bodybuilders who do deads that look like they have a fat waist n core lol and they all have a badass thickness from pulling heavy!
    My goal as a natural bodybuilder is to improve constantly, and win my pro card, while making an increasing amount of people doubt that I'm natural ;)

  15. I slipped a disk when I was 18 doing martials and caused me to have a pinched nerve. Not related but I think regular dead lifts kinda make me nervous. I like the straight legged ones and good mornings. It's you can get carried away with weight on dead lifts. I also can't run for shut after deads.

    This log is more for me to track progress over time. I will continue to make updates. I am in a lean bulk phase/ recomp now. Just started some ArA (xfa) to help out. The extra carbs in my diet are really helping my strength. As alway my over all goals are...

    Strong and lean!

    Thank you for all for visiting. And calling me out for not doing deads. By now I feel like I am being lazy...

  16. This is an inspiring thread, good work! Could you detail the kind of routine you train on when using olympic lifts/strength based training?


  17. I apologize for not keeping up latley. I am moving into my first house. I'll update soon.

  18. It has been a while since I have updated my thread. I apologize for that. I bought my first house! between moving, work, and fixing up a few things I have been busy. I have finally got my internet connected, so I do not have to refrain to my phone to get my Anabolic Minds fix.

    First I would like to thank Genomyx for making me a part of their team!

    Just to fill in were I am at I have been bulking. Trying to keep it lean but life seems to get in the way sometimes. My strength is actually down due to not being able to train 100% for the last 6 weeks or so. I have found a gym by me that seems to be a perfect fit! it is more of a hard core dungeon style gym I walked in today and they had metal blasting, I felt at home! Even though my strength is down my muscles seem bigger and more full, It is most likely due to switching from a calorie deficit to a surplus. I am sitting at 190 weighed first thing in the morning.

    On another note, I started doing regular deadlifts again. I am playing with my routine but It looks like I will be starting the week with heavy deads and leg press, and later in the week I will be doing heavy squats and Romanian deads. Other leg exercises will be done both days on a play it by how I feel and how much time i have left basis.

    Highlights of my week (2nd real week training hard again after my break)

    squats 405 x 5 for a few sets really disappointed in this, this is my biggest loss of strength on any lift.
    Dreads... I mean Deads! I got 405 x 2 for 3 sets. not impressive by most standards but I have not done these in years, I contribute my excessive squatting for being able to even get 405!
    Bench I actually got 315 x 3 for a set... Which is what I was getting on a really good day. (failed 335 after..)
    Snatches I stayed at 135 x 8 for 5 sets, It felt heavy to even do this.
    Military press I did 10 sets of 10 with 135 at a slow pace

    I am not impressed with myself, I am not as lean nor strong. My goal is to be strong and lean. I have a lot of work ahead of me and I will use My thread to continue to track my progress. I will post pictures as soon as i dig the cords out of what ever box they are packed in!

  19. As I have been using this thread as my personal progress thread I would like to make a long overdue update.

    I have just finished what i will call my first "responsible bulk" at one point during this (completely glycogen loaded mind you) I weighed 198.8.

    I fell short of some prs this year during my bulking but i stayed really lean... I may have not gained fat?
    A little story. I purchased my first house 7 months ago and took a huge hit to my training. I spent 100s+ hours doing renovation work (which I am new at) this included several cases of beer, pizzas, and little training or sleep. Also I live alone with only my two pups (Bronson my wonderful Pit bull and Sloan my Beagle the sweetest dog you'll meet) My grocery bill has developed a limit which has worked out to mean I eat Very clean but eat the same meals over and over. My diet has very little variety.

    I checked out the local gyms and found The Iron Asylum... The owner is one of the most knowledgeable strength trainers I have ever personally talked to. He has certifications from West Side Barbell (and others posted on the wall) I walk in to Iron Maiden... And knew I was home!!! ( My plan was to 1 week free trail every place around... NOPE!) This place has Atlas stone set ups, all the chains, bands, boards, and monolifts a power lifter would dream of. Pictures of power lifters signed sitting next to signed pictures of many body builders very famous today. The owner and Jay Cutler with a signed note. (not a Jay fan but its cool).

    This gym moved.. from about 3 mins from my house with traffic to approx 15 mins... I was not sure if it was going to be worth it but they promised the new facility would be mind blowing... The old was just used weightes with all the things men want to lift... lots of squat racks...
    The new facility... Mind Blowing!!!! (IF YOU LIVE IN THE CLEVELAND AREA CHECK OUT THE IRON ASYLUM!!!!!)

    What do I like?... (
    Thank you for asking)
    -a surplus of chain hookups and chains of all different weights and lengths, out and ready to use.
    -most squat racks and benches have band hook ups ( so you dont need to run them under which can cause balance/ resistance differences)
    -Surplus of bands all lengths and sizes, out and ready to use.
    -approx 15yard width x 40 yard length turf strip ( Tires, Push Sleds, Pull Sleds, and Box jump set ups out and ready to use!
    -dumbells go to 180 lbs the other set approx 140? (ill have to confirm this.)
    -3 squat racks and a mono lift, plus 2 of the racks have monolift setup things (hooks that act like a monolift and pull back as you unrack the bar)
    -several benches and dead lift platforms, with band hook ups. )
    - When I train I may share the facility with 6 or less people, no highschool children, no girls with make up, we are there to train!
    -No pools, sauna, basketball courts, and other things I dont want to pay for. I have a treadmill at home, I run outside anyways, and my gym costs are cheap!
    -Many various sizes and lengths of heavy ropes (I call the exercise the wave, Its whole body and I feel like a ****ing Silver Back ground and pounding his opponent!!!!!)
    -Sledge Hammer to hit tires.
    -all the funny shaped bars that I see used in Strong Man comps. (Looks like a metal log with handles and a place for plates...)

    My training has gone nuts, Thank you Genomyx for Protocol and Glycemyx. I am at the gym approx 50-65 hours a week this does not include regular runs (with the dogs only around 3 miles x 3-5 times a week)
    RPM @ 2 caps + .5g PLCAR is my work out of choice, Cordygen VO2 if I can afford to add it! (1 hour pre)
    1:1 Glycemyx:Whey on they Whey to the gym (see what i did there?)
    Intra is Protocol + .5g PLCAR, 1.6g extra BA, 3g DCM,
    Post 2:1 ratio Whey:Glycemyx. Big meal after shower and getting ready for work. (45 - 50 mins later)
    Higher protein, Moderate clean Carb, low fat diet.

    How well am I doing???
    Clean (pr) 275 (consistent from week to week but never better, I tried though!) improvement
    Bench 315x4 or 223 (x160 band resistance at the peak) x3 of 3 Old PR 315 x 5 or 365 x 1 but...bench only works ego! I look fine
    squat 315 (x 160lbs of chains at top + chain hook ups) x 14 (this I warmed up and only did this 1 working set, it was everything i had) n/a
    Deads (i am NOT known for loving this exercise, but i do now!!) 315 (plus approx 160 band resistance at peak) for 8 of 8 (raw grip) n/a
    Box jumps (very new and spend weeks on form alone.) 46" (I was able to do this repeatedly but did not attempt higher) n/a
    snatch 185 (3 sets of 1 for PR ) Equal PR but able to hit it 3 times. (snatch is not the work out I get carried away with the weight)
    Clean for reps (with straps) 225 x 12 huge PR (straps change everything... also my breathing and rhythm work)
    Muscle ups 6, 5, 3 (pullup-to-dip..pull up from dead hang and end with the bar at your thighs.. Explosive work out? I like doing them )

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    This is me at 186 lbs. Those lifts were accomplished recently. My focus has become explosive strength, applicable strength, and over all fitness ( I also want to look good lets be honest..) Let me get a training partner as I am new, Ill have vids like a Mormon has wives.

    Edit: I am just starting to cut, right now maintain weight and strength I have. Develop more if possible. I will Slowly cut trying to perserve STRENGTH (not muscle but that is welcome).

  20. Good to hear from you, bro... Nice work with all the big lifts. I'm still impressed.

  21. good read fellas and inspiring

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    I notice as I get older I progress in strength, endurance, and training intensity but I just can not afford the clean calories it takes to gain a good deal of size. My goal was always 200 and lean but now its realistically more like 190 lean (not glycogen loaded or anything just 190 as a consistent weight)

  23. Costco + natty pb

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Matthersby View Post
    Costco + natty pb
    Costo sells the 2 packs of natty PB as well. It's kinda runny which is awesome because I use it in shakes and oatmeal.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by MM11

    Costo sells the 2 packs of natty PB as well. It's kinda runny which is awesome because I use it in shakes and oatmeal.
    Haha! I do the two-pack also... I have the thing for you, I eat it after every meal except dinner and pre-bedtime.
    Natty pb + oats + agave(couple tablespoons)
    It's like a tasty treat and adds 100's of calories per meal and its dirt cheap


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