LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT Reviews!

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  1. LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT Reviews!

    I get so many Pm's a day asking for log info on this product I decided to put this together.. the below will have log threads and quotes about the product which have been complied by many of users who took the time to either log the product or write a review..

    Anadraulic State GT: Special Edition
    What has changed?
    Our customers asked for it, so we’re delivering it. The new and improved Anadraulic State GT: Special Edition lacks nothing in its complex design.
    Unlike our competitors who promise you a “new and improved formula” that simply means their most powerful ingredients have been stripped from the product to accommodate government regulations, we have actually kept everything, and added more, all in beyond-effective doses! We have…

    • Vastly Improved the Flavor (Strawberry Lemonade)
    • Added a Higher Creatine Content
    • Provided a More Advanced SARM Complex
    • Created Smoother and More Hard-kicking and Focused Energy with NO CRASH
    • Pumped up the Servings
    • Lowered the Cost

    What should you expect to see from Anadraulic State GT: Special Edition?
    AS-GTSE may improve your…

    • Endurance and Energy
    • Pumps and Muscle Density
    • Fat loss and Vascularity
    • Testosterone Output
    • Sexual Stamina and Performance
    • Muscle Growth and Muscle Quality

    How is Anadraulic State GT: Special Edition best used?
    AS-GTSE is best used when taken 1hr to 45mins pre-workout on training days, and once in the morning on off days. When extreme pumps are desired, take advantage of our dual-phase technology by combining AS-GTSE with Anadraulic Pump. Simply take AS-GTSE 45mins prior to training, and Anadrauic Pump immediately before training, and prepare yourself for the best workouts of your life!

    Ingredient Breakdown

    Stimulant Complex

    - Caffeine

    - Synephrine

    Amino Acid Complex

    - Whey Protein Hydrolysate

    - Partially Hydrolyzed Pea Protein

    - Aspartic Acid

    - L-Leucine

    - Free form amino acids

    Creatine Complex

    - Creatine Monohydrate

    - Beta Alanine

    - Creatine Citrate/Malate

    - Creatine Ethyl Ester

    Adaptogenic Complex

    - Quercetin

    - Schizandra

    - Wolf Berry Extract

    - Cinnamon 10:1

    - Mulberry Extract

    Estrogen Control Complex

    - Ellagic Acid

    - Trans-Resveratrol

    - 3beta-Hydroxyurs-12-en-28-oic-acid

    pSARM Complex

    - Hibiscus rosa sinensis

    - Osthole

    Carbohydrate Complex

    - Dextrose

    - Waxy Maize Starch

  2. Heres the Kick off! , more will be added as I get them , feel free to comment

    Quote Originally Posted by zb126 View Post
    Taste: 8/10
    Most preworkout drinks either taste really sweet, really bland or just really bad. The original AS was pretty gross in my opinion but this is not the case with ASGT. The new formula tastes actually pretty damn good! I can sip on it without a problem and just a little settling in the bottom tastes a little weird.
    -I never liked or disliked the taste of Jack3d necessarily but I think this has a much better more flavor.
    -It's less sweet and grainy than SuperPump250 which I think tastes great
    -It's less bitter than White Flood.
    -ASGT is on par with Cellucor's M5 Extreme as far as enjoyable taste. I actually like the taste of both of these a lot
    -No bad flavor like the original AS-- you won't need to slam ASGT, its very sippable.

    Dosage: 9/10
    One scoop really puts me in the zone. Energy is there, its clean, not jittery, the focus is apparent within around 25-35 minutes and the "motivation" or feeling to get up and pump some iron really kicks in around that 30-40 minute mark.
    -I've been up to around 2 scoops of the new Jack3d, two of SP250 and full dose of White Flood. This gives me just as much energy with one heaping scoop. From what I've heard, 2 scoops will kick your ass so if you build up a tolerance, there you go.
    -Needs just one scoop like M5 and WF
    -SP250 I needed 2 scoops most of the time to get this
    -Not as much of a vascular feeling as with SP250 or other NO products but this is because they make AP to dose closer to workout time with the creatine product (ASGT) to have 60 minutes preworkout.
    -White Flood gave me the tingles a decent amount of the time which I don't mind but ASGT gave me less of tingles all over and just a little on my tounge for a short period around dosing it.

    Energy/Focus: 9.5/10
    Energy on ASGT is awesome. It is a great clean energy which will not make you feel stimmed out and is comparable to my first impressions of Jack3d except for with more focus. Didn't really experience any "crash" so that was nice and the sweetest thing I noticed was just increased endurance and really the feeling that I could keep lifting hard for double the time.

    -The focus is more powerful than White Flood and M5
    -The energy is cleaner than White Flood which stimmed me out from time to time, and a lot cleaner than 2 scoops of SP250
    -The original Jack3d really hit the nail on the head for me as far as preworkouts but my latest (possibly a bad tub) hasn't given me as much energy as I'm experiencing with ASGT.
    -Overall Just really felt like I was in the zone, which is a great feeling!

    Price: 9/10
    It is 29.99 on the internet for a 45 dose container. This is one of the cheapest name brand and quality preworkouts I've seen in a while! Its a little more expensive per scoop than Jack3d, cheaper than SP250 and WF for and significantly cheaper than M5.

    Overall: 9/10
    ASGT is awesome. Hands down, its one of the best preworkouts I've ever used. I put ut up there with the original Jacked and I would HIGHLY recommend giving this a shot. The ingredients have been drastically improved and the price is also lower. I was not pleased with the original at all but I am blown away with ASGT. Great work and improvements LG!
    Lights Camera DESTROY! Orb enlists ASGT to set new PRs.

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    LG STACK - ASGT, AP, BC+EAA, POSTAL!!! (semi-sponsored)

    Anadraulic State GT: LIGHTNING EDITION-RAWberry Lemonade EXPLOSION! Sponsored Boblog

    Mini Review: Anadraulic State

    ZB126's Anadraulic State GT Review & Comparisons

    KLEEN Reviews LG Sciences Anadraulic State GT

    ASGT/AS/Jack3d comparison


  3. Initial thoughts:

    Taste - 8/10 - Not bad at all, actually enjoyable in my opinion. Hints of strawberry/lemon flavoring were prevalent, and not overwhelming.

    Mixability -7/10 - For shakes/PreWO's of any variety, I use a funnel and pour the contents into a standard purified water bottle. This technique usually does the trick for a variety of mixable supplements. Unfortunately, after about two minutes of continuous shaking, only 75% of the contents were absorbed (and yes, I did shake the container before using). Leaving a gritty substance/texture in the bottom of the bottle, and my mouth. However, not a big deal by any means... Just a simple observation.

    Effectiveness - 10/10 - The focus and aggression Anadraulic State GT provided was top notch. An hours time flew by, while extra reps seemed effortless. Feeling refreshed after a heavy chest/bi/tri's workout, I even managed to do an extra 10 minutes HIIT and a full ab routine!

    When used in conjunction with Anadraulic Pump, Anadraulic State delivers a one-two punch. The insane pumps provided by the Anadraulic Pump, and the intensity Anadraulic State GT delivered, made for an absolutely phenomenal workout. -- HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  4. Awesome man! I'll be using this feedback on other sites also. Thanks for writing this.

  5. Great idea here 33!!! Love the logs!!
    Working on living

  6. I'll be logging it in two weeks. looking forward to it. Loved the original, stoke about the new formula.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CleetusVanDam View Post
    I'll be logging it in two weeks. looking forward to it. Loved the original, stoke about the new formula.
    hey Cleetus, throw up a link when you have it ready bro!!
    Working on living

  8. Make sure you link me up to your log..Would love to follow!

  9. You read my mind lg33!! I was about to make this exact thread. Can you copy this over to the other forum?

  10. Not ultra familiar with the log linking, my current log is posted in my sig. Have ran several on here with little response.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    You read my mind lg33!! I was about to make this exact thread. Can you copy this over to the other forum?
    Ya brother! Im going to include other logs from other sites and put it into one! and post over in the other forum

  12. Quote Originally Posted by CleetusVanDam View Post
    Not ultra familiar with the log linking, my current log is posted in my sig. Have ran several on here with little response.
    Alright Cleetus, here you go my friend and for all those interested in following along with the big man!!
    Cleetus/PH spends a month with Muscle Marinade and FST7
    Working on living

  13. Keeping this awesome sauce on top

  14. I thought your name was lifter gyms. my mistake hoz

    i put my thoughts up; this stuff is impeccable!

  15. Have you put this on the other forum yet lg??

  16. Thanks AG! Huge bump for you my brotha!
    When I start using the ASGT in two weeks it will be with a cuztomized training prgram that alternates between heavy high volume DC training and German volume training, im as interested as anyone in follwing the log...I almost cant wait, but Ive got two weeks left with FST7.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Craigmatthew View Post
    Have you put this on the other forum yet lg??
    pming you

  18. Quote Originally Posted by upTown View Post
    I previously said i would post back on the asgt. the lifter gyms (LG) guy really hyped it up; so i was skeptical to say the least. Reason beingis; every damn company sells there stuff with the false pretense of it performing like a Ferrari

    i will recommend and use again!

  19. Certainly a preWO product unlike any other.

    LG is far ahead of all the "me too" companies, putting out the same ingredients over and over.
    Molecular Nutrition - Unlevel The Field
    X-Factor: THE Most Scientifically Valid Muscle Builder, Ever!
    Sign up for INSANE deals via our newsletter: www.mninsider.com

  20. Just caught this. Glad someone sent me the invite (sarcasm).
    Body Performance Solutions
    Home: http://bpsnutrition.net/
    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  21. Another Final Review!
    Quote Originally Posted by bradleywiens View Post
    Well my bottle of ASGT is empty and in the trash can, so I looks like I need to move on and wright my final review. I will be rating it on a 1-10 scale.

    Taste:7/10: ASGT is not the best tasting PWO I have tried, but definitely not the worst, plus I never care about the taste of a product as long as it works. I have heard from many that it is leaps and bounds better than the original AS. I will not be using this in my overall score because it has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the product.

    Pump: 8/10: Although ASGT is not really a pump product, I did get some nice vascularity and pumps during my workouts. Pumps are not really what I look for in a PWO either. I want something that pushes my workouts to a new level, and ASGT definitely did this.

    Endurance: 10/10: This was one of my favorite aspects of ASGT. From the start of my workout, to the very last set, my endurance was awesome. I was adding sets and reps on almost all my workouts. Many times i still had gas in the tank after the session.

    Energy: 10/10: This was where ASGT really sines. The energy/focus/drive I got from this stuff was through the roof. I wake up pretty early to hit the gym before work, and ASGT always woke me right up. 45 mins after drinking, I could not to smash the weights. In the gym I felt a huge increase in focus. It was like I had blinders on, and it was just me and the weights. I even stopped bringing my headphones because I would not hear the music while lifting. I would zone out and lift.

    Libido: This one is kindda hard to rate. I did feel a good about of aggression on ASGT, and I am sure its because of its SERM/SARM complex, but I don't really know how it affected my libido. Since I only see the wife on weekends, my libido is already pretty high come Friday.

    Strength: 9/10: The strength increase I got from ASGT was a gradual smooth increase. I did not smash too many PR's, but was able to hit more sets with more reps, with better form and contraction. I could really feel all the muscles I was working. Because I am currently on a cut with minimal carbs and lowers cals, my strength was going down a little. ASGT helped me stay strong on my lifts, and actually improve on many as well.

    Sides:10/10: The only side I experienced while on ASGT was a increase in sweat. This is an awesome side. It means I was putting out with more intensity, and burning more cals! If only all supps had sides like this.

    Overall score: 9.4

    ASGT is a solid PWO plus some. It has all the makings of a PWO product plus T-boosting, E-controlling, and much more. Nothing out there really compares to it, and its price cannot be beat. I highly recommend ASGT, it has become a staple of my stash.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by metroba View Post
    Just caught this. Glad someone sent me the invite (sarcasm).
    Care Package inbound!

  23. I'll add one too:

    Quote Originally Posted by SilentBob187 View Post
    How will you be rating ASGT?

    Scale 1-10

    Pump(1): 7

    By itself ASGT isn't going to provide 'skin tearing muscle pumps,' but that's not what I look for in a preworkout. I'm more interested in the endurance and strength gaining potential of a preworkout product. There was some moderate vascularity that would be similar to that of a meal of complex carbs prior to a workout. Not those huge sugar veins, but a heightened vasodialation none the less.

    * I will include however that when ASGT is taken in conjunction with Anadraulic Pump, that the pump is phenomenal. But that review is for a later date.

    Endurance(2): 9

    This is one of the areas where ASGT shines. I felt like every week I was either adding more weight or additional reps to my workout. It was almost problematic when I had already reached my planned number of sets for the day and I felt like I should do more. I didn't want to toe the line of overtraining with ASGT, but if I were to go down the rabbit's hole, I'd want to take ASGT with me.

    Energy(2): 10

    ASGT is amazing in the energy department. Normally when I think of energy in preworkouts I'm thinking jittery stimmed out energy. Usually following the burst of energy comes a crash that leaves you feeling useless afterward. This is not the case with ASGT. The energy from ASGT is more of a leveling focusing energy. If you're tired, it makes you 'untired' without making you feel stimmed out. It also helps to narrow your focus on one thing, SFW. Slam f*cking weight. ASGT also lets you down without leaving you feeling miserable. It slowly eases off, very different from most preworkouts. It also has minimal impact of sleep when taken at night (taken at 8pm, bed by 12 or 1am.)

    Libido: *

    Sorry folks, nothing to see here. I won't try to make something up or say that it did nothing.

    Strength(2): 9

    Steady gains week after week. Nothing but good things to say about ASGT in the strength department. I am a Creatine Monohydrate proponent and it was good to see that as the main creatine source in this product. A 10 would have been the weight moving by itself. The strength on this was great.

    Sides(1): 10

    No sides! No loss of sleep, no headaches, no excess gas, no upset stomach from the pSarm, no nothing! The only 'side' to report is the tingling on the lips when it's consumed. To quote Frank The Tank; "Fill it up again! Fill it up again! Once it hits your lips, it's so good!"

    Overall: 9.1 out of 10.
    I counted Endurance, Strength, and Energy more than Pump and Sides since those three are more important to me when dealing with a preworkout product. I didn't include libido.

    For the TL;DR crowd:
    ASGT is f*cking amazing! Everything I look for in a preworkout without any of the negative sides. PRs are a regular occurrence with ASGT. It should be renamed ASPR. Try it now!
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  24. Steller review! I cant thank you enough for takign the time to detail it so much

    Really glad you enjoyed it!

  25. Stuff is good, that is for sure!! I'm very happy with it myself.


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