What is the best supp for prolactin/cortisol related, cjc/ghrp

  1. What is the best supp for prolactin/cortisol related, cjc/ghrp

    Thanks bro's

    I tried restore...didn't cars for it....I've heard about cabergoline, but is there a reliable combination of supps to take to control the levels

    6ft 195 @ 10.9


  2. There is a pretty extensive post under Papaspumped thread. Dat, Grunt, Tripp and Papa all weighed in on this very subject and it was pretty extensive with alot of time and research put into it. Run a subject search and if that doesnt work just run a search on papa's thread and you will find it in there. Its somewhere near the end of his thread and its to much information for me to post here. If I can find it again I'll get back to you and tell you where its at.
    I use www.pepcalculator for all my peptide questions

  3. Cortisol nemesis

    Patriot,stay away from the cabergoline. Short answers all effective. Vitex, Mega B-6, L-dopa in conjunction with Quercetin. Query my posts, I have a pre-inj stack that addresses that issue as well as Somatostatin suppression.

  4. why stay away from cabergoline?>
  5. Exclamation

    Its use has reports of cardiac valve mutation, and resulting irregular heart-beat.

  6. Galjiin,

    Ok, I ordered all those instead of mega b6, I have p5p. Do you recommend that I take the recommended dosage on the bottles or some other dose. I have cabergoline on the way just in case, but I will try the otc stuff first....


  7. Galjiin,

    "3gms L-dopa B. 3 gms GABA c. 1 gms alpha GPC C. 3 gms Agmatine D. 1 gms Quercetin, laced with vitamin C" found this on your thread for pre-injection stack....I found using AAKG 3500 3 times a day made me way to loopy....it was like I was freakin sleep walking. I was dosing my CJC/GHRP at the same time twice a day 100mcg each and that probably had something to do with it as well, so I have stayed away from the arginine and I am just taking 100mcg of GHRP upon waking, and 100mcg of CJC at bedtime. That has definately made me less loopy and lethargic..

    It seems that by your thread I should take these supplements right when I wake up and hold off of the ghrp injection for a little bit to let the supps digest? Like I said I have P5P, Quercetin, L-Dopa, Vitex should I add Gaba and vitamin C? I appreciate the knowledge, I too want to maximize my use of these peptides, while not feeling to loopy and lethargic... today for instance I got so dizzy I could barely stand up for like 10 minutes. I was messed up couldnt see straight or anything..only thing I can think of is that I might have pulled a little more ghrp than normal this morning maybe 200mcg, but that wasnt a pleasant feeling...



  8. I am still waiting for my otc supps, but my cabergoline came in...I am going to run .25mg 2 times a week for a couple of weeks then switch to the supps...


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