Wild Night...

  1. Wild Night...

    Well seems like alot of guys on this board are having problems with women... now I guess I can jump right in.

    Last night, I get off work around 2am... I Come home have some food(yeah diet has been shi**y on timings but that is work for ya) and relax for a bit. After bsing around like till 3am, there is a friend of mine that I knew was in town that I needed to pay her some money back since she has brought me lunch. I text her, and somehow she manages to make her way over. While we are texting back and forth I hope in the shower and it's around 3:30am to 3:45am. She makes her way over around 4am. She gets over and I can tell she has been drinking a little bit. We hug exchange a few kisses and head inside. I go to the back to finish cleaning up and turn off all the unnecessary lights in the bathroom...
    So now we are sitting on the couch talking in the living room about OU has been treating her and crap. Out of nowhere she just starts kissing me. Then we stop for a second... Then she climbs on top of me and I can tell it's aou to go down(oh yeah)!!! Not more than 1 minute of us kissing someone breaks a window right behind. Obviously they were looking in and watching. She rolls off of me and hits the ground and I head to the Back to call the police. The lady on the phone acts as if she is deaf and then tells me that my hose is not registered in the system. I'm like wtf, I know my addy and i am giving you the right number. After about 15 20 minutes, cop actually shows up and takes his sweet time getting out the car. From there I just fill out a damage to property report and that is it. I thought it was gunshots from how loud it was but the cop thought it was someone who threw a satellite pole(the arm that holds the dish) at the window. I was like IDK, ut the sh*t was loud as hell. To end this up I still hit(twice at that) just to piss the person off whoever did that sh*t.

    Where do I go from here??? I have no f***in idea who could've done this. I am not seeing anyone and she said she isn't as well. She said the only person that she had talked to in the last few months(like that) lived in norman(about 150 miles away). Her ex is in love with another girl whom she has he 2 babies so we don't think it could've been him. My ex( from like 3 to 4 years ago) is talking to someone else but I don't put this past her. We don't have a single clue as who could've done it. But because I know some bs like this will happen again, I will be strapped up. I will also be investing in Guardian security system to have cams all over the house. I feel that was very disrespectful to my family and the lady friend that was over here. My sister has a test to finish getting her second masters tomorrow(today) and this sh*t happened. I so f***ing pissed right now, but at the same time, I feel a lesson has been learned. My dad always b**ches about the lights being on and crap, now that is going to have to change. Says we can't have dogs because we don't have a fence but if we had a dog, we would've known someone was outside. I live in a country area and I can't afford for something like this to happen again.

    What do you guys think, who the hell could it be? BTW sorry so long of a post, but um yeah, it was a crazy night!!!

  2. That's some crazy ****. Probably some kids f'n with you.

  3. Damn, that's some crazy **** for sure. Probably some ****ing kids who don't get laid got too jelous

  4. Hey the Wild night name is already taken...

    Is that thread archived anywhere?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    That's some crazy ****. Probably some kids f'n with you.

    Hell yeah. I am not too worried about it, she'll be back over tonight.

    Cops told my dad that, they think the girl and I did it. How in the f**k can we do it whtn the glass fell foward unto us?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    Hey the Wild night name is already taken...

    Is that thread archived anywhere?

    You serious? Well didn't try to steal your thread, just the first thing that came to mind.


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