Blood pressure

  1. Blood pressure

    hey all, just wanted to get some input on a recent problem i've hit

    i'm only 18, soon to be 19, and my father has high blood pressure, he's over weight but im 6'2" 225 at 10% bodyfat, anyway i was at walmart and my girl was picking up her Rx, and they had one of those BP checker things, so I said why not I'm bored, it came out to 161/94 or somethin, but it also said it'd only give good results for 9-13" arms, worried me none the less

    went to the student health center yesturday and got a 146/90 reading, and todays was 160/98, I don't get it

    needless to say I'm pretty perturbed, It's never been an issue and any time it's come up it's been right around 120/80 or lower, I've gotten a lot of input from thebrakes, and have since bought CoQ10 and garlic, and celery seed extract is on the way

    anyway, I just wanted to get some input on what to do etc., I have a doctors appointment tomorrow morning, but really don't want to get on any meds

    thanks in advance for any help


  2. Well Thebrakes has given you some good supps to try, I would throw in Hawthorne Berry, and also make sure you are doing cardio.


  3. is there anything I need to watch out for when lifting/running? any signs to keep an eye on? I don't want to be reppin 405 on my squats and pass out because of this, thanks for the quick reply

    do you have a dose recommendation for those supps? i have 40 100mg CoQ10 tablets, and will be gettin 120 450mg celery seed extract capsules.


  4. Follow directions on the bottles for Hawthorne, and celery seed, as far as the coq10, it depends, but 100mgs would be fine.

    Your young, I wouldn't worry about your training, but just try and get those numbers down, there should be no reason at your age that you shouldn't be able to. Just get it checked up on, and do what the doc tells you.

  5. thanks again

    i dont know how to put this....but, my BP is elevated for a reason....I know the reason, I stopped what made it shoot up, and am following a proper post cycle....I think you get my drift, I'm not looking to be judged, I feel no need to defend myself, I made the decision as it was the best one for me, I stopped it yesturday, today is my first day off

    I'm wondering if you have any insight on how BP will be affected in the next week or so, the reason for the jump from 146/90 to 160/98 has to be due to my chem class, bombed a test yesturday and have a 70% with only the final to go, I'm stressing, also I've found the perfect girl for me and I'm transferring schools and leaving her, the thought of being a long distance couple is stressing me

    the only other thing I can think of is too much sodium, I eat around 5000 calories per day, at least, and i'm sure a lot of sodium

    thanks again, i'll start doing a bit of cardio, not enough to burn many calories, cardio is my enemy, i'm an extreme ecto, but i'll hit up a treadmill for 20 minutes


  6. Well i don't think I need to go on about why you shouldn't be using anything at your age, so.

    As far as stress, yes it can elevate it, but your baseline is already high before the cycle it seems. The best thing to do would be to see your doctor and start on those supps.

    Next time, hopefully a while from now, you need to make sure that you are fine physically as well as mentally, to include blood tests and the like.

  7. im not sure if i confused you, but up until yesturday BP was never a problem, if I ever had to get it tested it was better than 120/80, this is the middle of the 5th week, so I was on for 4.5 weeks, i'm confident this is the reason for the jump as it was never a problem, but I really just want the next 1-2 weeks to fly by so I can see how it progresses

  8. Well then yes it should normalize quickly.

  9. even if you're bull****ting, feels good to read, i really am a headcase about stuff like this, the worst part is, I feel fine, if I felt like ****, at least I'd know when i'm progressing etc. and feeling better

    thanks again for your time, i'm going home on the 14th, so 10 days after coming off, so hopefully by then i'm down a substantial amount, i'll be able to get it tested that day, if it's still a problem I'll be sure to post, otherwise, hopefully time and the celery seed bring it back down

    thanks a lot for your time, and not brushing me off as some ignorant kid not worth the effort


  10. Well I don't BS, I take things like this seriously so do others on this forum, this is not

    The information I gave you is well known, and the supps are effective/proven.
    Take some time to research the board.

    I wish you well.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ryansm
    this is not
    exactly why i asked for help here

    thanks for everything, atleast mentally I feel better for the time being

  12. Get Hawthrone Berry it's cheap. It may take a month to see its results.
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  13. Twinlab BloodPressure Control (C12 Peptide)

  14. actually just got some of "twinlab's" celery seed, it's actually natures herbs but apparently twinlab does it, so I have that, CoQ10, and garlic, today's reading was 150/92, we'll see how it declines in the next week

  15. wow, after 2 days of celery seed extract, and finding out my chem grade wasn't so bad , i was donw to 130/78 today, definitely pumped to be normalized again, within 2 days I should be back to about 115/75

    thanks anybody who gave any input



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