Ant jerky/ funny ****

  1. Ant jerky/ funny ****

    So I just got the munchies and decided to go for a snack. Got my jerky out of the cabinet and came ans sat in front of my PC inthe dark. Popped a piece in my mouth and started chewing. All was well, until I felt something crawling on my hands and chest. F-ing ants! everywhere! all in the bag. Here comes the good part....I quickly go to the kitchen counter...empty the bag....shake the ants off the jerky and put it in a bowl. I then spray the ants dead. I am now back to enjoying my jerky as I type. Don't know how many I ate on the first piece, but bones, more protein!LOL!

  2. dude thats nasty! LMAO

  3. Just plain wrong. I know there are things in food that I dont even want to think about, but at least they arent crawling around anymore.

  4. dude i had this happen to me with a dinner roll and i had a mouthful of red ants! It was horrid, the roll was all hard and the ants were all crawling on my face. It taste like straight up RAID! funny thing is i only put the roll down for maybe 15min i thought at least....nasty experience.

    this thread is 3 years old lol.

  5. wow. way to bump it.

    let's talk about lesbian butt sex

  6. All worker ants are female..butt I'm not sure if they are lesbians.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    All worker ants are female..butt I'm not sure if they are lesbians.
    Kind of proves gay is not natural...but a choice...

  8. i saw two female chickens humping once.

  9. birds actually have butt sex. its ass to ass, seriously.


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